STEPN: The app that lets you earn while you walk, jog, or run

Have you ever wondered what to do with numbers after tracking a walk, jog, or run workout?

What if we told you that you can monetize your workouts? That’s the premise of the up-and-coming play-to-earn lifestyle app STEPN.

Launched in December 2021, STEPN allows players to quite literally earn while they move.

This is done by incorporating blockchain technology for the decentralized transfer of information and assets.

That makes it possible for the game to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can later be traded for cryptocurrencies.

How it works

Of course, the process does take effort. Users must follow these steps:

  • Download v through the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Sign up and create a wallet for the application
  • Buy an NFT sneaker from the in-app marketplace that fits their activity type (Walk, Run, Jog, or Train)
  • Players may pay for the NFT sneaker using SOL, the native crypto token of the Solana blockchain (Solana also created STEPN)

For those unaware, SOL is available on PDAX, the Philippines’ crypto exchange site. Here, interested users may convert pesos to SOL to start their purchase of an NFT sneaker.

Once a player’s sneakers are set, all they have to do is to begin moving.

The app’s GPS will track a player’s movement and reward him or her for successfully maintaining the required pace of the sneaker type they’re wearing.

Cash-outs from PDAX later on may also be done through popular outlets like Maya, InstaPay, PESONet, and more.

How much will one earn

Depending on the type of sneaker for your workout, one unit of Energy can earn you varying levels of GST – STEPN’s in-game token.

The more difficult the workout, the more GST tokens you get. Walking gets you up to 4 GST for 1 to 6 kilometers an hour while running gets you up to 6 GST tokens per Energy at 8-20 kilometers of movement per hour.

As of writing, a GST is approximately worth PhP 30.

In the future, STEPN users will also be able to collect another token called GMT in future app updates.

The GMT may be earned by leveling up your NFT sneaker.

Both GST and GMT can then be traded for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat currencies to enable players to earn as they move.

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