Rollerdrome showcased at State of Play

Private Division and Roll7 have announced that unique shooter-skater hybrid game Rollerdrome will launch on August 16, 2022.

The single-player, third-person shooter will be available for digital download on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

Private Division has also released the game’s trailer here.

Be the Rollerdrome champion


The premise of the intense game is simple: the year is 2030, corporations rule the world, and a new violent sport emerged in Rollerdrome.

Here, players will assume the role of Kara Hassan and roller-skate their way to victory with high-scoring combinations.

But here’s the catch: they will also have to quite literally eliminate their foes in the process by shooting them dead until they survive and become Rollerdrome champions.

Obviously, due to the game’s nature, it has been rated Mature 17+ by ESRB for Blood, Strong Language, and Violence.

Retro-futuristic universe


Produced by the same developer behind OlliOlli World, Rollerdrome has a comic-book inspired art style for its world, as well as new and original soundtrack.

Darksynth musical artist Electric Dragon merges iconic 1970s textures and sounds with modern day driving beats and cutting-edge production to provide fitting background to the gameplay.

Rollerdrome will be available for US$ 29.99.

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