realme narzo 50A Prime review: A basic and stylish phone

It seems that every model in realme’s Narzo series has seen considerable success especially on the budget gaming market. They’re known for delivering great performance at affordable prices and could even be considered among the favorites in their class.

This time, realme seems to be going on a different approach as they try to accommodate an even more specific audience. They divided their new Narzo 50 series in three variations — the Narzo 50, 50A and the 50A Prime.

In this review, we are taking a look at the slim and stylish variant among the three, the realme Narzo 50A Prime.

What’s in the BOX

Let’s first layout what we have inside the box.

narzo 50A prime

The Narzo 50A Prime only comes with the unit, USB charging cable, SIM ejector pin and manuals. There’s no included charger, earphones or jelly case in sight. Hmm..

I understand the logic behind the omission of a charger and other accessories on higher end smartphones, but I do find it unfortunate that this one in the budget line didn’t have them as well. Being in this price segment, there are likely to be first time smartphone owners who’d probably look into getting this or would be given one as a gift. And they might be disappointed to know that the charger is sold separately.


A quick run down of the specs for the Narzo 50A Prime, this is running on the Unisoc T612 chipset with 4GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.2 internal storage.

The chipset on the Narzo 50A Prime has gradually been getting the attention of a lot of gamers on a budget on social media. Which is why I want to dive straight into the performance as I am curious with what this Unisoc chipset has to offer.

As a daily driver, it gives satisfactory results and is pretty capable on most use cases like social media and usual web browsing.


narzo 50A Prime

Getting into gaming, I noticed that there is no dedicated game software that powers up when starting our games which isn’t really a big deal, but might raise eyebrows of some.


Starting off with a few matches on Call of Duty: Mobile in different configurations, on low settings, I did find that the experience is quite enjoyable. There were no significant slow downs that affected my gameplay and I generally had a good time playing on this. Turning up the game settings to medium however, is a different story. 

While the game is able to run, the experience isn’t very pleasant. I ended up getting beaten by bots on the earliest levels of the game because of the lags. And aiming at enemies became a challenge as they had already moved before I was able to aim at them properly.

Moving on to Genshin Impact, I did set my expectations lower since this is a more graphically demanding game but strangely, it was able to run reasonably well on its lowest settings. This is quite the opposite with the older realme C25 that we previously reviewed. The Helio G70 chipset on that one ran very well on Call of Duty: Mobile but laggy on Genshin Impact.

narzo 50A Prime

For lighter games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Asphalt 9: Legends, the Narzo 50A Prime handles these nicely at the highest available settings. Gameplay is smooth all throughout my tests, but like the other smartphones on this level, the ultra settings is still not a selectable option for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


narzo 50A Prime

One of the ways that realme has done to enhance the performance on the Narzo 50A Prime, is to have it run a lighter version of their own realme UI with the realme UI R Edition.

To its credit, the differences were very subtle and the experience was pretty similar to the full fledged realme UI, but after using it for a while I started to notice that oddly, the UI felt slightly more sluggish. This is weird since the intention behind the R Edition is for it to run smoother on their more affordable line.

Some of the built in apps are also replaced with lesser alternatives like the Photos Gallery app and the camera app which we’ll get to later in this review. By and large, I noticed that this software feels rather inferior. One example of this is that there is no prompt to access the phone as an external storage when being plugged into my laptop. In fact, I actually failed to find a way to transfer my files to and from it via USB.

Premium-looking design 

The design is actually one of the aspects that I feel the Narzo 50A Prime excels at. Having a kevlar pattern and a shiny back case makes it look like it’s worth more than it actually is. The unit is compact and light and it surely looks better than other models it is competing with.

Realme embraced the mostly flat design keeping the curves to a lesser degree. It has an aluminum frame which makes it not only look but also feel premium as well. But the plastic back case does seem like something that is prone to scratches.

There’s also the usual ports below with the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C charging port and speaker grilles but an upgrade we get here from the typical budget smartphone is a side-mounted fingerprint sensor on the right.


narzo 50A Prime

The Narzo 50A Prime, despite belonging in the budget tier, is sporting a 6.6-inch FHD+ display which is another somewhat commendable feat at its price point. It also features a 60Hz refresh rate and a 180Hz touch sampling rate. Looking at the screen, I could say that it does look sharper when compared to its predecessors.

I appreciate the higher resolution, but it does also come with a dew drop notch which by today’s standards, already looks outdated. The side bezels are relatively thin but on the bottom, we can see that there is a rather thick bottom chin.

I also noticed that it does have a slight magenta tint which is evident in white backgrounds. The colors do seem like it has boosted its saturation so images may seem a bit different when viewed on other smartphones.

Having said that, at 600 nits peak brightness, I do want to recognize that it does perform well under direct sunlight which is very much appreciated.


narzo 50A Prime

For the cameras we are getting a triple camera setup with a 50MP main shooter, 2MP macro, a B&W depth sensor plus an 8MP selfie camera.

Surprisingly, I did find the main camera on the 50A Prime to be relatively good provided that you are shooting in well lit environments. The photos are nothing exceptional but I’d say pretty decent with adequate detail and good colors.

As long as we manage our expectations, it is very possible to get good enough results in the right hands. I could even say I get better results on this than a few slightly more expensive phones.

However, as mentioned earlier about the camera software, the shooting experience feels like it’s held back by this. It feels unpolished and doing street photography on this is a bit of a pain.

There is no other indication that you have successfully taken a shot other than the faint shutter sound. There’s no blinking or flashing on the screen. There’s also no brief pause after a shot, just the slightest sound which you can barely hear when outdoors.


The Narzo 50A Prime may not come with a charger but it’s nice to know that it does support 18W charging. It is also packed with a decently sized 5000mAh battery.

For day to day use, the battery is sufficient and will last you more than you would probably need in a single day. On normal use with mostly social media and some casual game time, we were able to get a day and a half before having the need to charge. This is slightly below the battery performance we get from other models with a bigger 6000 mAh battery but at least the phone has kept its compact form factor.

Is the realme Narzo 50A Prime your GadgetMatch?

I feel like I’ve been too critical of this phone that I’ve been forgetting that it is only priced at PhP 7,999.

So going back to this consideration, I believe there are consumers who would fit this target demographic as it still does mostly what we would need at a passable level. 

If you are strictly on a budget and you don’t require heavy gaming plus you appreciate a higher resolution screen and this slim premium design, I can say the realme Narzo 50A Prime is a decent option.

But if you’re into spec demanding tasks and all that good stuff, the Narzo 50A Prime might fall short and it may well be worth saving up a bit for its more powerful sibling – the realme Narzo 50. That one, comes with a charger.

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