OlliOlli World launches expansion VOID Riders

VOID Riders, the first of two expansions for the famed skateboarding action-platformer game OlliOlli World, has finally arrived.

VOID Riders will be available starting on June 15, 2022 for the following platforms:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
  • PC (via Steam)

Players may also purchase the OlliOlli World Rad Edition, a deluxe version of the game.

The Rad Edition includes the base game, OlliOlli World: VOID Riders and the upcoming second expansion scheduled for late 2022, as well as the “Close Encounter Skate Deck” digital cosmetic item.

New gameplay

VOID Riders

The extra-terrestrial adventure will take gamers to Radlandia, with Sair’Rah, Khehvyn, and Pftangxi on a quest to acquire skater specimens for the Nebulord.

It will be a brave and challenging new world which includes the alien zone, the V.O.I.D.

The in-game characters will also be able to skate across Cloverbrook, Sunshine Valley, and Burntrock, places with different conditions that will challenge players even more.

For a preview of VOID Riders’ gameplay, check out the trailer released by Private Division here.

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