Meet Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Cookies & Cream - Great even for creators?

A little over a month ago, Secretlab sent us the TITAN Evo 2022 to try.
Great even for creators?

Admittedly, I'm not a gamer and my mesh ergo chair for work is still perfectly fine. Moreover, I own a stubborn "Catto" who likes scratching anything that looks like leather. I also often experience sweating under my leg on leather-like chairs from experience and it is uncomfortable. So, I do not really need a new chair.

But, after seeing that one of the chairs that we can test is the Cookies & Cream version of the TITAN Evo 2022 with SoftWeave Plus finish instead of the usual leatherette material on most gaming chairs and the cool-on-paper upgrades it offered over its predecessor, I said to myself that this might be a sudden work chair upgrade for me.

At Lazada and Shopee online, the chair has a starting price tag of PHP 27,990 for the Small and Regular sizes up to PHP 30,990 for the XL variant.

Here's what we think about it.

Meet Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Cookies & Cream - Great even for creators?

As expected, the unit arrived in a large box that is pretty heavy overall.
What you will see inside
What you will see inside

Inside, you will all the contents of the box such as the Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow, Backrest, Seatbase, PU Foam Armrest Tops, Magnetic Side Covers, Multi-functional tilt mechanism, Class 4 hydraulic piston, Hydraulic sleeve, Height Adjustment Tilt Lever Handle, Aluminum wheelbase, PU Casters, and the Assembly Toolkit (Long Allen Key, 4x M8 Screws, Magnetic Screwdriver Handle, Reversible Philips + Hex Screw Bit).

Basically, it has everything you need to assemble the chair.

Assembling this is possible even if you are just alone, but it will be better if there is someone to assist you as some of its parts are quite heavy.
Magnetic parts!
Magnetic parts!

Personally, I assembled the unit alone in about 20 minutes by just following the assembly guide below. This is faster than the other chairs I assembled as it has fewer screws due to its some magnetic parts.

Even before assembling the unit, the first thing that you will notice is how well-machined and good-looking it is.
Sturdy base
Sturdy base

All of the parts of the chair are made with premium-looking materials. It has plenty of sturdy metal parts, the SoftWeave Plus finish has been sewed properly, the armrest doesn't look like it will wear out anytime soon, and the plastic parts they used look quite tough and not that prone to fingerprint smudges and light scratches.
Cookies & Cream!
Cookies & Cream!

Based on the description on its website, the new SoftWeave Plus made with high-strength yarn fibers it is using is said to be 3.5x stronger than its predecessor. It is also said to be more "pet-friendly" than leatherette.

Easy to assemble, strong build!

Weirdly, my cat preferred using the TITAN Evo 2022 Cookies & Cream as a scratchpad over the faux leather material of my wife's noblechairs Epic.

In my experience, the SoftWeave Plus could still be scratched by my cat. But thankfully, it didn't really damage its fabric badly.

What I did is just cut the excess part of the fabric due to the scratches and it looked new again.

Other than that, we feel that this would definitely last for years.

It also supported my weight well even after reclining it to the max and I still feel safe.

Note that this is available in 3 different sizes and just choose the correct size for your height and weight.

Apart from its sturdy build, the best part of it for me? The Cookies & Cream variant is not too flashy-looking, unlike other gaming chairs. Personally, I prefer this near "minimalist" style.


Starting with the base, the chair has fairly smooth rollers which allowed me to roam around the "home office" part of our living room freely.

Similar to most office and gaming chairs, it spins 360 degrees allowing its users to view the sides and even the back easily. The mechanism that Secretlab used is very smooth and quiet.
We find it better than pleather chairs
We find it better than pleather chairs

Then, it also has a 2-level height adjustment with the help of its Class 4 hydraulic piston. It also performed smoothly and was quieter than my other mesh and gaming chairs. But, I would have liked it better if it has a 3-level height adjustment for slightly better versatility.
Reclined by 165 degrees
Reclined by 165 degrees

If you want to relax for a bit after a few hours of work, you can even take nap on this chair as it can be reclined by 165 degrees. This is better than some of the chairs we tried that can only do about 120 to 135 degrees.
Removable magnetic armrest
Removable magnetic armrest

Personally, I also enjoyed that the height of the armrest could be adjusted depending on your liking. You can even align it to the left or right if you want. Plus, since it is magnetic, It can be replaced easily when damaged (Yes, you can buy Secretlab parts online).
It has a hidden lumbar support
It has a hidden lumbar support

At first, I was a bit disappointed when I saw that there is no lumbar support here for extra comfort on your lower back. But, I'm wrong. Secretlab cleverly hid it.

Clever lumbar support!

There is a dial on the right side of the chair that will cleverly create a hump on its back depending on your liking.
Comfortable pillow headrest
Comfortable pillow headrest

The headrest is also magnetic and can be slightly adjusted to fit your head or neck comfortably. Our only minor gripe is we wished that the magnet they used on the headrest is stronger as it gets loose sometimes.

For the fabric, this is definitely more breathable and more comfortable than other leatherette types of chairs. It is also quite soft, but not too soft providing just the right amount of comfort.

The level of comfort and breathability it provided is near the level of other mesh-type chairs.

Plus, even if I don't turn our AC units on, the back of my legs don't sweat a lot on this chair.

We also think that the overall curves of its design made it generally good for comfort. The backrest is also wide which could fit even some plus-size users.

The downside of this material is it'll be a bit harder to clean versus pleather when you spilled coffee or cola on it. You may need a deep-cleaning upholstery cleaner to fully clean it. This is quite a magnet to cat fur too.
Good level of comfort for hours with or without AC
Good level of comfort for hours with or without AC

As a result, I was able to sit comfortably on the chair for hours and hours. I usually work from 9 AM to 9 PM with a few breaks in between and this helped in preventing back and butt pains.

Superb comfort as expected!

Apart from comfort due to its ergonomics, I don't really see the point of calling these types of chairs gaming chairs. Don't get me wrong, I think this will fit all types of users from gamers, professionals, creatives, and even students.

Anyway, I still tried it for gaming anyway. A noob like me played Valorant for 2 hours using my MSI Creator Z16 laptop. The experience is the same when I'm doing hours and hours of creator and consultancy work. It is generally impressive. 

Our thoughts

One of the best all-around chairs out there!

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Cookies & Cream is expensive but priced just right. This is one of the better "gaming chairs" that we have ever tried with very few weak points.

It offers a sturdy type of build, innovative modular magnetic parts, simple to breathable fabric, and superb lumbar support.

As mentioned earlier, this is a chair that is not only good for gamers. It offered an impressive comfort even regular office work, students, and even creators.

By the way, Secretlab is also having a promo for this 6.6 at Shopee and Lazada online.

The company is offering up to 25 percent off on select Secretlab chairs, FREE Upholstery Wipes worth PHP 1,190 with every chair purchase, FREE Shipping, and even staggered payment options of PHP 3,315 per month for up to 12 months.

What do you guys think?
Meet Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Cookies & Cream - Great even for creators? Meet Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Cookies & Cream - Great even for creators? Reviewed by Telenor Editorial on June 04, 2022 Rating: 5

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