Internet Explorer is dead for real this time

Internet Explorer has been in a perpetual state of dying for years now. Since the proliferation of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft has persistently tried to move away from its ancient browser. Now, more than a year after losing a significant amount of support, Internet Explorer is actually, actually dead this time.

After more than 26 years, Microsoft has withdrawn all support for Internet Explorer 11. Previously, the company already started withdrawing support from the browser but kept the app for legacy purposes. Now, though, the app will eventually stop working after losing all support.

Starting today, the dead browser will redirect users to Microsoft Edge, instead of normally loading. It will also prompt users to try out Edge’s IE mode instead. All stored information — such as favorite, passwords, and history — will automatically move to Edge’s system.

For most users, the death of a long-forgotten browser shouldn’t cause untold ripples throughout their lives. In fact, Windows 11, which Microsoft has been aggressively pushing to all Windows users, does not ship with an included version of Internet Explorer anymore. Most users haven’t opened Explorer in ages, resorting instead to more popular Chromium-based browsers. Microsoft’s website even directs users to Edge downloads.

However, Explorer’s aging system has its uses. Microsoft kept it around because some companies and organizations still relied on very old websites that don’t work on Chromium. After Internet Explorer’s death, this dwindling number of users are now forced to move to Edge and its IE mode.

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