Finally, a digital bank focused on personal finance!

Komo, a digital bank powered by EastWest, finally made noise. The platform provides everything you’d expect out of a digital bank, giving users full control over their finances.

There’s no need for long queues at branch visits or hotline calls that take more than an hour, as well as services that usually take a few weeks or more when done in a brick-and-mortar bank.

No need for a physical branch visit

As a digital bank, Komo doesn’t require you to visit a branch to open a savings account. Simply download the Komo app on your iPhone or Android device and register. You will be required with one valid ID and face verification, and voila!

After getting your account verified, you can get a free VISA debit card for your cashless transactions, as well as the ability to withdraw on any automated teller machine (ATM) nationwide. Moreover, you can generate an authorized bank certificate for visa applications through the app.

Faster, secure transactions

The purpose of a digital bank is convenience, and Komo delivers through fast yet secure transactions. Through the app, you can authorize transactions with your face ID or fingerprint, without the need for a one-time pin (OTP) that’s usually delayed because of poor network issues.

Even more, Komo pushes for OTP-less transactions through biometrics to keep your account safe. In worst-case scenarios, you have the option to lock and safeguard your account from theft and fraud on your own.

Full control of your personal finance

Komo’s advocacy is helping people take control of their money. The digital bank created a service that allows its patrons to focus on personal finance with its Personal Finance and Analytics tools — money management services that give an overlook of expenses as well as a dashboard where you can set your financial goals.

It comes with a feature that lets you set your goals and budgets to achieve the desired outcome. Rainy day, vacation, or a big automotive purchase — you name it. Komo helps you visualize the progress of your savings.

Moreover, you’re in for a treat since Komo secures your funds and grows them through a 2.5% annual interest.

Build your own insurance plan

Komo has partnered with Troo Flex, allowing its users to build their own insurance plans. In just a few taps, you can create and customize a benefit that meets your lifestyle and budget. For as low as PhP 428 (US$ 8) per year, you can get comprehensive protection through the app.

Komo is available on Google Play Store and the App Store. For more information, visit this link.

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