Samsung The Premiere: Turn any space into a private cinema

Having a home theatre is a dream for most people. The possibilities are endless; an intimate movie night with your loved ones, a relaxing lounge for destressing with your favorite films, and a space for catching up with your favorite titles dressed in a cozier atmosphere.

However, carving space dedicated to entertainment isn’t a feat that everyone can easily achieve. Even those with money to burn. Not until you come across an ultra-short-throw projector like Samsung The Premiere.

High-end, high-tech

Samsung The Premiere is dressed in an elegant, minimalist aesthetic. At a glance, it can be easily glossed over with its inconspicuous appeal. Its unobtrusive design doesn’t give an impression of an ultra-short-throw projector, despite its elephantine veneer.

It can sit quietly anywhere you place it. Seemingly fitting on any tabletop, especially against a white wall. Elegantly contoured, Samsung The Premiere can blend with any type of interior, elevating the atmosphere wherever it’s placed.

With a penchant for minimalism, the projector has an easy cable management system on its back to hide and organize unsightly wires. In addition, it won’t require any mounts since it’s perfectly suited to sit extremely close to the wall.

Special sensors are also built-in, automatically reducing the brightness to protect the eyes of whoever comes near, particularly children who get curious at the sight of a subtle projector.

Massive screen

Samsung The Premiere comes in two models: LSP9T and LSP7T. The former delivers 100- to 130-inches of screen size, while the latter projects 90- to 120-inches.

Regardless of the screen size you choose, both ultra-short throw projectors exhibit a massive screen in 4K resolution. Wherever you sit or watch, the images are incredibly crisp and optimized. Every detail is apparent, including the precise color accuracy and remarkable contrast.

Thanks to its cutting-edge triple laser technology, The Premiere is the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector dedicated to delivering realistic, vibrant viewing.

Powerful light

Even watching during the daytime, The Premiere (LSP9T) reaches a peak of 2,800 lumens of brightness that lets you enjoy the content without the need for blackout curtains or an extremely dark space.

Moreover, The Premiere delivers 20,000 hours of brilliant luminescence that powers your experience. It can last for up to 10 times longer than a regular UHP lamp.

That means you can enjoy watching over 10,000 movies — which might take years depending on your viewing consumption.

Truly cinematic impression

Apart from the breathtaking visuals, The Premiere produces an immersive listening experience. The LSP9T is equipped with 40 watts of 4.2ch audio along with Acoustic Beam technology, while the LSP7T has 30 watts of 2.2ch audio.

When you combine its prowess in both audio and visual categories, you can revel in an unparalleled, captivating phenomenon filled with terrific sights, and deep, rich room-filling sound pleasant to both the ears and the eyes.

In a nutshell, The Premiere breaks the notion of having a dedicated space for your home theatre. When you factor in its ergonomics, technicalities, and performance, you can easily turn any space into your own, private cinema. All you’ll really need is a blank space.

The Samsung TV experience

Being part of Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup, The Premiere carries the familiar Samsung TV experience. It runs on Tizen and comes with a user-friendly interface. There’s an array of apps for you to enjoy, most of which are OTT (Over The Top) services that are ready upon setting up.

For instance, you can choose between YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. And for the apps you might prefer like Viu, they can be easily installed through the interface.

Samsung’s renowned, elegant remote controller works well with The Premiere, too. Its compact, round design makes it look harmonious anywhere you put it.

Keeping it really smart

Of course, Samsung The Premiere can also be listed as one of your devices through the SmartThings app. You can connect it easily and control the projector as you use your smartphone as the remote controller.

Tap View, a prominent Samsung TV feature, is enabled on The Premiere. Tapping your smartphone will automatically mirror the content you’re watching or listening to through the projector.

Apps can work seamlessly with Mobile Mirroring

But if tapping isn’t your thing, you can still do Mobile Mirroring which will connect your mobile device to The Premiere.

A home theatre staple

All things considered, Samsung The Premiere can transform any space into a private cinema of some sort. You just need a blank space, a tabletop, WiFi connectivity, and of course, your smartphone, and voilà!

It’s a staple for those desiring to carve a space dedicated to home theatre. Truly, a GadgetMatch for film buffs and homebodies ready to splurge on luxurious entertainment.

Samsung The Premiere (LSP9T) retails for PhP 386,999. Meanwhile, Samsung The Premiere (LSP7T) is priced at PhP 257,999. Both smart projectors are available at authorized dealer stores and at

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and Samsung Philippines.

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