realme Buds Air 3 review: Noise off, rock on

Having an amazing pair of earphones has become as essential as our smartphones. From streaming Spotify to videos and Zoom meetings. Even for zoning out in commutes and coffee shops, it helps to have a reliable audio daily driver these days. 

realme has been making feature-packed wireless earphones for the recent years. It seems they’re at it again with the realme Buds Air 3. They declared that this has the most powerful noise cancellation yet.   

Does their claim hold true? Let’s find that out and more. 

Blame it on the ANC  

realme Buds Air 3

Let’s go straight to the star of the show. On paper, realme promises Active Noise Cancellation of up to 42db with the Buds Air 3. And to be honest, I didn’t know how quiet 42db of ANC can be. 

But the moment I plugged the buds in my ears, I immediately noticed that everything went silent. 

The first time I tried it at home, I was so impressed that I could barely hear the song on the radio which was just right next to me even if I still wasn’t listening to anything yet. 

During the weekend, I watched the replay of BTS’ Permission to Dance concert in Las Vegas. I wanted to test the earbuds further so I brought them with me to a noisy food court in a mall. And the moment I enabled the noise cancellation, all the background music and the chatter of people were drowned and all I could hear was the concert I was playing. 

realme Buds Air 3

Not only were the earbuds good for music but also for calls and conversations. 

I used it for a Zoom meeting and quite noticeably, comparing it to my previous wireless earbuds, I can hear my colleagues better without any distractions, all thanks to the Buds Air 3’s effective ANC and Smart De-Wing Technology. 

Bring the beat in right in your pocket 

realme Buds Air 3

Compared to its predecessor, realme has improved the design with the Buds Air 3. Its case is a bit smaller and is shaped like a pebble so it slides easily even into my small pocket. The realme logo was moved from the middle to the top of the case which I think gives it a unique look. Plus the Starry Blue color variant that we have adds to its elegance. 

The earbuds itself also has shorter stems compared to the Buds Air 2. It feels lighter and fits perfectly in my ears especially with the right size of silicone tips. 

Despite the plastic body with a glossy finish, the earbuds don’t easily fall out of my ears even during those times that I used it while working out at the gym. It’s even a big plus that the Buds Air 3 has an IPX5 water resistance rating so it’s perfect for people who have an active lifestyle. 

Pairing and customization to your preference 

realme Buds Air 3

One thing that I liked about the realme Buds Air 3 is the ease of setting it up. The moment I open the case, it easily connects to my device. As it also supports Bluetooth 5.2, it provides stable connection even at a considerable distance. 

There were times when I’ve forgotten my phone in my room. Despite that, the buds were playing music in my ears while I was cooking in the kitchen. 

It even has a Multi-point pairing feature that lets you simultaneously connect your Buds Air 3 to up to 2 devices. I was able to try it when I watched a recipe video on my tablet and I was able to seamlessly switch to my phone to take an important call. 

realme Buds Air 3

I also noticed that the earbuds support wear detection. It automatically pauses whatever I’m listening to when I remove it from my ear and immediately plays it again when I put it back. I find this useful for when there are important matters to attend to and I can immediately go back to listening the moment I put it back in. 

Easy controls

The controls are as easy as a double tap to play/pause, triple tap to skip tracks and long press an earbud to change between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes. But for those who prefer to tweak to their controls, you can also do so through the realme Link app on your phone. There you can also adjust the audio equalizer, fine tune the ANC and enable or disable the volume enhancer and wind noise reduction. 

The Buds Air 3 also boasts a Game Mode feature which can lower its latency further down to 88ms. This means playing games or watching videos, you probably wouldn’t notice any delay and what you’re seeing is pretty much synchronized with what you hear.

Sound quality and personalized listening 

realme Buds Air 3

These days, I mostly listen to BTS songs and a little rock music from Linkin Park when I have to work non-stop. And when it’s time to chill or take a little break, I tune in to some OPM and jazz music with the Buds Air 3. 

The sound profile of the Buds Air 3 has a relatively rich bass and a somewhat recessed mids which compliments a lot of songs. The bass doesn’t feel too punchy but instead, it’s what I could describe as round sounding. 

Bass lovers would definitely enjoy listening with this but if they prefer otherwise, they can choose to change the equalizer settings on the realme Link app. 

Battery and charging 

realme claims that the Buds Air 3’s battery can last up to 22 hours.

During my test, I averaged around 5-6 hours of casual listening, Youtube streaming and work meetings with Noise cancellation activated most of the time. 

The charging case could charge the earbuds around three times so you can expect a total battery life of 15-18 hours. As for juicing it up, it takes only about an hour to fully charge it. 

Is the realme Buds Air 3 your GadgetMatch? 

I like the sound coming from the realme Buds Air 3. It’s simply a pair that can easily be recommended for lovers of any type of music genre.

But above all, the real stand out feature that this can truly brag about is its excellent active noise cancellation. It’s just perfect for those who really need to focus on a task at hand. Right now, I couldn’t think of a device that competes at this level with this price point. So if these characteristics tickle your fancy, then you won’t go wrong with this one.

The realme Buds Air 3 retails for PhP 3,990 and is available in Galaxy White and Starry Blue. 

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