Miss World Philippines and Doill Technologies launches NFT!

Miss World Philippines Organization partners with Doill Technologies to venture into the realm of blockchain technology and CryptoCurrencies.
Miss World Philippines and Doill Technologies launches NFT!
Miss World PH and Doill Technologies partner up!

Miss World PH NFTs launched!

The official Philippine franchise of the Miss World Organization or MWPH has just inked an exclusive contract with Doill Technologies to enter the world of NFTs. Doill Technologies is said to be one of the country's emerging developers of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. Both parties claim that NFTs is a viable platform to build up its "Exceptionally Empowered Filipinas" marketing campaign, charity projects and advocacies.

The contract signing was held at Kingsford Hotel where Doill Technologies CEO Angelo Bagas, COO Adrian Resuera, and MWPH National Director Arnold Vegafria were present. 

Vegafria said “This partnership is a technological breakthrough. With the many advancements in blockchain technology in the global market, we have made a giant step forward by putting the Miss World Philippines brand further out – not just in the global market, but also in the digital and cyber market as well – where it can engage more customers and more importantly, educate them about our existing advocacies as well, particularly for education and mental health, and for our Exceptionally Empowered Filipinas campaign.”

Perks of holding Miss World NFTs include a chance to be one of fifty (50) holders to randomly win tickets to the coronation night. Sixty (60) random NFT holders will also receive an invitation to the Charity Gala along with access to live streams, support charitable foundations and advocacies and be entitled to giveaways.

How to purchase Miss World PH NFT

1. Purchase Polygon (MATIC) from the preferred Cryptocurrency exchange
2. Create a MetaMask wallet.
3. In the MetaMask Wallet, Add Polygon Network.
4. Transfer your Polygon into your MetaMask Wallet.
5. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Miss World Philippines NFT Minting sit: https://bit.ly/3LRqa2Y
6. Select the preferred advocacy group you wish to mint in the exhibit tab.
7. Click the 'Mint' button under the group.
8. Once the transaction is successful, you now own the Miss World Philippines NFT.

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