LOCAD and Digital Pilipinas presented e-Commerce trends highlights for 2022

LOCAD CEO Constantin Robertz and other speakers had a discussion in a digital event about what online entrepreneurs need to know in e-Commerce.
LOCAD and Digital Pilipinas presented e-Commerce trends highlights for 2022
Presenters during the digital event of LOCAD and Digital Pilipinas

LOCAD and Digital Pilipinas shared key learnings to be successful in using e-Commerce for your business

According to the gorup, e-commerce empowers businesses to build their direct-to-consumer platform, especially MSMEs and start-ups. As a result, it doubled the e-commerce market last year then the expected market growth is up to USD 24M (around PHP 1.25B) by 2022.

Constantin Robertz shared important trends in their seminal whitepaper to help entrepreneurs get ahead. According to Robertz, there are 4 important factors before venturing into e-commerce. He explained,

We are looking for four things. It starts with a great product and a great price. And then it’s about making people know about your product. And the third one is the customer experience, end-to-end. Then the back-end works wherein you’re doing all these things. That is what e-commerce is.

Robertz also said that e-commerce is crucial to SMEs since it liberates them so they can focus on their core offerings. As an e-commerce enabler, LOCAD lets entrepreneurs allot their time to marketing and pursuing growth opportunities.

The next presenter is the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - Philippine Trade and Training Center (PTTC)’s Executive Director Nelly Dillera. The official revealed the need to tech up the MSMEs in the country while creating a secure and credible e-commerce ecosystem that they can use with full confidence. 

Dillera also admitted that government has an important role in supporting the growth of MSMEs. The LOCAD CEO said that partnering with government agencies such as DTI-PTTC is a huge help in educating small business owners.

Aside from Robertz and Dillera, there are other keynote speakers who shared their insights and experiences related to utilizing e-commerce to grow their respective businesses.

First is Nuprene Brand Manager James Fernando who mentioned the significance of fulfillment in meeting customer expectations. He added,

Fulfillment if not done well, could definitely be a really difficult situation for any business — whether it’s a big or a small one. For small businesses, a good experience in terms of ordering online results in repeat purchases, and if you don’t have repeat purchases, your customer acquisition cost goes up.

On the other hand, Manila Athletica CEO Aencille Santos emphasized the need to position online shopping as a "full experience". She cites as an example the reviews on major online shopping sites that are peppered with customers lauding the courier or the rider who delivered their orders. 

In conclusion, Robertz stated that it is very important that entrepreneurs focus their time and attention on what moves a needle for their business. They also have to find partners, platforms, and support for the areas that they don't really necessarily need to focus on.

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