LG announces Less Carbon Everyday Challenge

LG Philippines launched its Less Carbon Everyday Challenge campaign to promote a more sustainable way of living to help preserve nature.
LG Less Carbon Everyday Challenge
LG Less Carbon Everyday Challenge

LG Less Carbon Everyday Challenge

The eco-responsible campaign seeks to increase awareness about global warming and climate change while also providing practical advice on how to cut carbon emissions with LG's innovative domestic air conditioners. The #LessCarbonEverydayChallenge urges everyone to help combat global warming by making minor adjustments in their homes to minimize their carbon and energy footprints.

The campaign is kicked off by a video campaign in which the simple act of raising an air conditioner's temperature by one degree causes a "Butterfly Effect" that has a positive impact on many people's lives. This is implying that even small actions can make a big difference in addressing the climate crisis.

Along with the video, the campaign website has LG's expert suggestions for decreasing carbon emissions at home, interactive quizzes on energy conservation, and an overview of the company's latest eco-friendly air conditioners.

Raising the air conditioner's fixed temperature to between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius can help the environment while still delivering a comfortable home atmosphere. The company's amazing DUAL Inverter Compressor allows LG's domestic air conditioners to use up to 70 percent less energy and provide quicker cooling than conventional models.

Furthermore, LG air conditioners with the AirCare Complete System, a multi-stage system that keeps the indoor unit perfectly clean inside so that consumers may enjoy clean air in the home, ensuring clean and fresh airflow.

Users are urged to publish and discuss ideas, tactics, and other routines to reduce carbon emissions and consumption on a daily basis for the #LessCarbonEverydayChallenge. Two winners will get an LG Window Type Inverter Aircon, one from Facebook and the other from Instagram.

At this link, you may submit your submission or learn more about the challenge. The promotion will take place from April 27 until June 8, 2022.

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