GUCCI x Oura Smart Ring announced, detects sickness and stress level

GUCCI has partnered with Oura to create a "Smart Ring" equipped with many sensors for fitness and health.
GUCCI x OURA Smart Ring announced, detects sickness and stress level
The ring itself

GUCCI x Oura Smart Ring announced

In this day and age, seeing a product with "Smart' on its name is not surprising anymore. There are products like a Smart umbrella, toothbrush, fork, bottle, and more. As it is crazy as it sounds they have specific features that are somehow usable for a certain market.

Oura is a newly opened company that specializes in producing small enough wearables and adds the smart capabilities of a bigger accessory to the smaller ones. Apparently, the renowned fashion giant GUCCI has teamed up with Oura to create the so-called "Smart Ring" meant for the ultra-rich people.
The model wears the ring
The model wears the ring

According to them, the smart ring is made of black synthetic corundum. You will also notice Gucci's iconic interlocking "G" logo and a braided torchon pattern in it. Both are made of 18-karat yellow gold. Furthermore, the product employs Oura's cutting-edge Generation 3 technology. The latter allows users to monitor their heart rate, sleep, activity, and so on in real-time.

Despite being lightweight at only 4 grams, it is capable of gathering data on heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. Upon combining all those information this item will be able to tell whether the user is sick or stressed. The two companies also added that by scanning finger arteries, their product can precisely monitor heart rate more than traditional smartwatches.

It can also give sleep analysis and through the Oura app, all info is summarized into Sleep, Activity, and Readiness scores, and based on the brand's claims the app will suggest a "science-backed content"  on how to improve it each day.

For a handy smartphone, it took stunning images that could rival even some dedicated digital cameras with larger sensor sizes. 

US price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

GUCCI x Oura Smart Ring - USD 950 (around PHP 49K)

The ring comes with a lifetime membership on Oura's smart services and is available in select stores around the world. No news yet if it will be available here in the country though so stay tuned.

What do you guys think?

Source: Oura Ring
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