Fitbit watches are reportedly burning their users

A smartwatch is a hot item today. Unfortunately, Fitbit is in a different type of hot. In the United States, the wearable company is going through some legal turmoil, alleging that the wearables are literally burning up.

It’s not an entirely new issue, though. Earlier this year, Fitbit already recalled 1.7 million units of the Fitbit Ionic because of 78 burn incidents. The smartwatch’s battery reportedly heats up to the point of burning the user’s wrist. However, a new lawsuit today — reported by Ars Technica (which includes graphic photos of burns) — claims that the recall isn’t enough.

The lawsuit says that the battery flaw is present in every Fitbit device now. It also describes instances where the Versa Light and the Versa 2 also burned their users. Meanwhile, other user accounts online also implicate other devices in the lineup.

Additionally, Google, who owns Fitbit, is reportedly blocking refund claims, despite promising disgruntled users full refunds to those affected by the issue. Some users are still waiting for their refunds to push through.

Since the start of the pandemic, users have become more interested in the features of a smartwatch. Though wearables still have a long way to go before becoming a true health device, they can adequately help users satisfy their renewed consciousness for their own fitness.

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