Blizzard is releasing a Warcraft mobile game

When the company announced Diablo Immortal, Blizzard started its long journey for a richer mobile ecosystem. Everyone lambasted the company’s “do you guys not have phones” statement, but Blizzard wasn’t done. Now, a new mobile phone is increasing the brand’s lineup of mobile games: Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

Like Blizzard’s other mobile games, Warcraft Arclight Rumble is free-to-play on the major mobile platforms. The game plays like a tower defense game but with the help of five Warcraft-themed heroes and abilities. Players can take part in either PvP or PvE modes, allowing users to earn loot by beating levels and raid bosses.

Currently, players can only pre-register for the upcoming game through the Play Store or the App Store. Blizzard has not announced when the game is coming.

For now, Blizzard fans can await the Diablo Immortal’s launch coming soon. Fans can also still play Hearthstone, one of the studio’s most popular titles also available on mobile platforms.

Amid a turbulent past (fueled by internal and geopolitical reasons), Blizzard is going hog-wild with the recent announcements. Besides the modest palette of upcoming mobile games, the studio is also working on Diablo IV and World of Warcraft expansions.

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