WhatsApp is getting emoji reactions, Communities

WhatsApp is getting a flurry of new features in the coming weeks. Bolstering both user engagement and the ability to support group communication, the platform is experimenting on emoji reactions and conferencing capabilities.

In the coming weeks, WhatsApp will introduce a way for users to react to messages using emoji. The feature isn’t entirely new, though. Other platforms have already implemented emoji reactions including Messenger. Regardless, WhatsApp’s implementation is long overdue.

Group threads are also getting a massive update. The platform can now support voice calls for up to 32 people. Users in these threads can also share files of up to 2GB in size. With the update, WhatsApp is now leaning more into more professional environments. Though the platform is already a staple in personal communications, it has lacked in professional settings, trailing to giants like Slack.

Besides professional settings, the company is also experimenting on Communities, allowing users to collate group chats under a single community. Users can also send announcements that the entire community can see.

In the moderation side of things, group administrators will get the ability to delete messages from group threads. The new feature can prevent misinformation from sullying communities that don’t welcome such.

All of the features aren’t available yet. The platform will roll out the update slowly over the coming weeks. Even then, the longevity of the features will depend on how the experiments go.

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