PlayStation starts work on game preservation

The PlayStation has a gaming problem, and it doesn’t involve what it has on sale now. For all the years that it spent publishing great games, the company hasn’t done much to preserve all of its past plethora of games. Fortunately, the lack of the past might finally change. Sony is currently working on a game preservation branch.

Reported by Video Games Chronicle, the company recently hired engineers to make up the new team. Likewise, it is still looking for new talent to join preservation efforts. A new senior build engineer, Garrett Fredley, posted about his new job on Twitter, citing how the team was just recently created.

Unfortunately, neither the new hire nor the listing reveals what the new preservation team will specifically do for the company. Based solely on the name, the team will likely work on ensuring playability and compatibility for old and/or present games. It probably won’t do as much as the original developers themselves. However, it can do a lot by making sure games are still playable on current consoles.

Currently, the PlayStation still doesn’t offer a complete version of backwards compatibility. Though the PlayStation 5 can play most PS4 games via their discs, the current console generation can’t do much, if at all, with games older than that. Players can buy older games digitally or through PlayStation Plus. However, it’s still a work-in-progress.

If the game preservation team is what it says on the tin, Sony might finally be one significant step closer to achieving true backwards compatibility.

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