"Peridots" Looks like a fusion of Tamagotchi and Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs is developing an augmented reality (AR) game called "Peridots" which looks like a fusion of Tamagotchi and Pokemon Go.
"Peridots" Looks like a fusion of Tamagotchi and Pokemon Go
The Peridots

A new AR game with cute pets!

They are also the game makers behind the Pokemon Go which became a massive success since its launch back in 2016.

After thousands of years of slumber, Peridots (or Dots for short) are waking to a world vastly different from the one in which they used to roam, and they’ll need our help to protect them from extinction. You’ll foster your own Peridots as you embark on this experience. These are creatures who feel so real, you’ll love every moment of raising them from birth to adulthood, said Niantic in its blog post

Basically, players will be saving the creatures from their extinction, Peridots' mechanics will be also similar to Niantic's flagship Pokemon game. The photos below portray the users going out in the real world by walking and searching for nests, you can also breed and find treasures that are available across the world. It also has the same photography features so you can take photos of your pet and save them on the phone's gallery.
The game's features
The game's features

As you can see the animal designs in the game looked cute and adorable and they will come with different "archetypes" which could also mean different abilities for each pet.

The publishers plan to release a soft launch of the AR game soon so that interested players can provide feedback to improve the game further.

To receive updates and pre-register, you may head to this link they provided.

What do you guys think?

Source: Niantic
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