Mountain Everest Max Keyboard after 6 months - Still the best all-in-one Hot-Swappable

We take a closer look at the Mountain Everest Keyboard and share our experience 6 months later.
Meet Mountain Everest Max Keyboard - Best All-in-one Hot-swappable pre-built after 6 months?
Full-featured pre-built

To recap, the Mountain Everest Max is a customizable and modular mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switches. It arrived in the Philippines in October 2021 thru Digital Walker.

It also has a detachable NumPad that can attach to either the left or right side of the keyboard and a media dock with a display dial, customizable display keys, and RGB lights.

In the Philippines, it is priced at PHP 15,850 for the keyboard, palm rest, Numpad, and media dock.

Let's have a look at them.

Meet Mountain Everest Max!

Outer Packaging

The whole package arrives in a clean black box with the Mountain Everest Max logo, key features, and specs.

Inside the main compartment is the keyboard.
Accessory compartment

Below the keyboard, a compartment contains the documentation, media dock, numpad, extra switches, extra magnetic feet, extra escape key, keycap removal tool, and 2-meter cable.
Two-meter braided cable
Two-meter braided cable

The included braided cable is 2 meters long and has its own velcro cable tie. The cable connects via USB-A and USB-C.
Top side

The keyboard is made of a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate. The top features a hard and lightweight aluminum plate with a brushed texture. It is solid and lightweight that brings structure to the whole keyboard. 
Bottom side
Bottom side

The bottom side is made of polycarbonate material where branding and regulatory information can be found. In the middle of the bottom is the USB-C port that has multiple cable routing options.

It has rubber feet in five areas. Two of them can be connected to the magnetic feet that can be stacked to raise the angle of the keyboard to suit the needs of the users.
Rear and front sides
Rear and front sides

The side facing the user is a smooth surface while the side facing opposite the user are two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The two USB-C ports are for the Media Dock. You can place them on either the left or right side. The USB-A port is for attaching another peripheral like a mouse.
Left and right side
Left and right side

Both sides feature a retracting USB-C port and retracting aligning mechanism that connects to the NumPad. This lets the user attach the NumPad on the left or the right side.

Reasons why you should pick the Mountain Everest Max Keyboard:

Customizability and Modularity
Customizability and Modularity

1. Convenience - The Mountain Everest Max Keyboard is a pre-built mechanical keyboard with unique customizability and modularity. Unlike a pure custom mechanical keyboard where the user has to source each part and assemble it themselves, the Mountain Everest Max comes in an all-in-one package that is already built that can save both time and money. Though the Everest Max is priced at PHP 15,850, a basic full custom keyboard with unique parts starts at a similar price.

I mean look at what you are getting, a keyboard, Numpad, palm rest, media dock, cable, magnetic feet for elevation, extra trial switches, keycap removal tool, and stickers.
Hot-swappable design!
Hot-swappable design!

2. Customizability and modularity - Aside from allowing users to attach a Numpad and a Media Dock, the Everest Max is a Hot-Swappable keyboard. This means that if the user wants to replace the included switches, the user can quickly pluck the keycaps and remove the switches underneath without needing to remove the soldering of the switch. The user can then replace it with the brand new version of the stock switches or can attach a compatible switch that is different from the current one without the need to solder the new switch.

The user can also change the current keycaps with new compatible ones.
RGB Lights
RGB Lights

3. RGB Light and Display Keys - All the keys are brightly lit by RGB. Using the Media Dock, users can control the color of the light along with the lighting pattern. The Media Dock also has media playback keys that work with Spotify, Youtube and VLC. 

On top of the NumPad are four display keys that can be customized in several ways. Users can pick what image is displayed and what pressing the corresponding button opens or activates.

Mountain Everest Max Specs

MCU: Cortex M0
Onboard Memory: Up to 5 profiles
Switch Type: 3-Pin Cherry MX, hot-swappable
Stabilizer: Cherry (Plate-mounted, lubricated)
Layout: Standard ANSI/ISO
Backlight: RGB
Key Rollover: NKRO over USB
Polling Rate: 1000Hz/1ms
Keycaps: ABS (PBT Optional)
On-the-Fly System: Through FN Function Key
Connector: USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 1
Cable length: 2 meters
Media Dock Display: RGB TFT IPS 240 x 240
Media Dock Keys: 4 Media keys, 1 Display control
Display Keys:  72 x 72 TFT LCD
Palm Rest: PU-Leather covered, Magnetic
Software Support: Base Camp
Dimensions: 265 x 461 x 43 mm
Weight: 1,373 g
Price: PHP 15,850

Price and availability

Mountain Everest Max - PHP 15,850

You can purchase the Mountain Everest Max now from Digital Walker stores nationwide and thru the Digital Walker web store.

What do you guys think?
Mountain Everest Max Keyboard after 6 months - Still the best all-in-one Hot-Swappable Mountain Everest Max Keyboard after 6 months - Still the best all-in-one Hot-Swappable Reviewed by Telenor Editorial on April 13, 2022 Rating: 5

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