Kingdom Hearts IV is coming

Square Enix surprised everyone during the 20th Anniversary show of the franchise by announcing a brand new mainline entry — Kingdom Hearts IV.

Just when we all thought that the convoluted story wrapped up in Kingdom Hearts III, well, we were wrong. Kingdom Hearts IV will take Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy in an all-new adventure. It’ll be called the “Lost Master Arc.”

Kingdom Hearts is a long-running franchise that started in the PlayStation 2 era. It follows the story of Sora who teams with Donald Duck and Goofy. They go through different Disney worlds and meet beloved Disney characters as well Square Enix characters throughout their adventures.

The Kingdom Hearts IV game is still under development so it’ll be a while before it actually launches. Square Enix gave a sneak peek in a trailer that featured Sora’s new, seemingly aged-up look battling a large heartless in a realistic city setting. Donald and Goofy also make an appearance in the trailer along with a character that was teased via a blue flame.

Before that though, the trailer first showed off two other things — Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link — both for mobile gamers.

Watch the trailer


Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is the final installment in the Kingdom Hearts Union X game. It will be released in August 2022 as a free update to the app

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is a brand new mobile game. It is a location-based action RPG in the Kingdom Hearts series, bringing iconic worlds like Scala ad Caelum into the real world. Players will take on fast-paced exciting battles against the Heartless. The battles can be solo or co-op in a completely original story.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

There will be a Closed Beta in 2022 (limited to specific regions). More details will be announced on Kingdom Hearts’ social media pages.

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