Globe At Home's fiber capacity jumps 38.6 percent

Thanks to this recent aggressive build, Globe At Home today shared that its fiber capacity has jumped to 38.6 percent.
Globe At Home fiber capacity increase update

Big increase in fiber capacity?

In particular, Globe said that its fiber capacity grew as high as 38.6 percent quarter-on-quarter designed to give access to high-speed internet to its subscribers.

Making this possible is the company's aggressive build by rolling out 1.4 million Fiber To The Home (FTTH) lines last year in response to the huge demand for faster connectivity at home.

Globe claims that this resulted in a 208 percent increase in consolidated fiber take up for 2021 and an increase to its fiber customer base by as much as 36.5 percent quarter-on-quarter.

To recap, FTTH is considered a more effective and reliable way to deliver data due to faster connection speeds, higher bandwidth capacity, and lower latency. It is more durable than bulky copper lines and is resistant to electromagnetic and radio signal interference as well.

For this year, Globe allocated PHP 89 billion in capex (capital expenditures) to further ramp up its fiberization by building build new cell sites, upgrading existing sites to 4G/LTE, and accelerating the rollout of 5G connectivity.

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