Apple launches Self Service Repair program

Repairing your iPhone just got easier. After some time of preparing the new program, Apple has finally launched Self Service Repair for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE. The program will help users fix their own devices using authenticated components and tools.

The program comes as the United States prioritizes the Right to Repair initiative. Over the past few years, users have begged smartphone makers to add easier ways to repair devices without going back to the brand’s stores. Formerly against the initiative, Apple surprised everyone by announcing a partnership with device repair website iFixit for a future program.

Now available to select customers, Apple’s Self Service Repair program will ship out the new component, a manual, and tools for users. Plus, to ensure customers are getting the right part, Apple requires them to read through the manual and input a code corresponding to the repair they want to make.

It does come with its own limitations, though. Users can’t have everything repaired. The program is limited to more common issues like shattered screens, cameras, and faulty batteries. Secondly, it’s not cheap at all. For example, repairing the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s screen can set you back by as much as US$ 311.96. That doesn’t even include the tools you need to rent to complete the repair.

Though not a cheap program, the program offers users replacement parts of higher quality. It’s also freeing to control your own repair, compared to surrendering a device to someone you don’t know. Then again, you also need the courage to start your own repair.

Apple’s Self Service Repair is currently exclusive to the United States. The company plans to expand the program to other countries in the future.

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