A left-behind Pixel Watch leaks the wearable in full

Someone needs to teach Google how to keep secrets. Last year, the company kept the world’s worst-kept secret: the poorly hid and endlessly teased Pixel 6 series. This year, another Google device is in the spotlight. In the United States, a Pixel Watch caught in the wild has managed to entice the entire leaking community.

Now, you might be thinking: “A Pixel Watch?” Yes, Google has been working on its own wearable for a while now. Rumors of its development have popped up as early as four years ago. Late last year, the same rumors escalated with an eventual release set sometime this year. Today, the leaked device all but confirms that the device is coming.

In Chicago, a patron — presumably a Google employee — left a Pixel Watch at a local restaurant. The restaurant’s bartender kept the wearable in case the device’s owner returned for it. Days passed without any sign of the owner. The bartender’s friend, a Reddit user going by u/tagtech414, figured out what the device was and leaked photos of it to Android Central.

The bartender initially left only the unstrapped device to their friend. The first set of leaked photos featured only the main puck. It wasn’t only until recently that both the watch and the bands were reunited into their own photo.

On the hardware side, the watch features a pleasantly round design and a rotating crown. It certainly looks different from a lot of other smartwatches today.

Unfortunately, the software remains a mystery. The Pixel Watch wasn’t left with a charger. Plus, it didn’t have any charge left. Turning it on only got as far as the Google logo.

Regardless, the left-behind device does confirm that the Pixel Watch is coming soon.

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