6G is coming in 2026, South Korea promises

More than a year since the introduction of 5G connectivity, not everyone can enjoy faster internet yet. Still, as telcos struggle to deliver the new standard tor regular consumers, bigger parties are already setting their sights on the next step. Already working on development, the South Korean government expects that 6G internet is coming by 2026.

Reported by Business Korea, the new government has high hopes about the launch of 6G networks within four years. Additionally, the upcoming standard will enter commercialization between 2028 and 2030.

The announcement does not describe how the government plans to build the next networks. However, they do promise that it will come with practically zero latency or no waiting times at all. They also say that 6G will be instrumental in automotive, biotech, and healthcare technologies.

South Korea does have advantages. Samsung, a South Korean company, started working on 6G two years ago. The unannounced network will reportedly reach up to 1000Gbps speeds.

As such, governments and corporations have much more to do before 6G arrives on the scene. The current 5G standard only goes up to 20Gbps in speeds. Though 5G is already fast, 6G can go way beyond what’s already possible today. Of course, it’s just a matter of making sure that everyone gets it.

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