Valve confirms Steam Deck 2 is coming

The Steam Deck is still fresh out of the oven. Less than a week since its global launch, a lot of people are already hailing the portable device as a formidable competitor to the Nintendo Switch. Valve, of course, agrees with the assessment and has laid out some plans for an eventual sequel to the device. Despite how early Valve is into the first device’s life cycle, the company has confirmed that a Steam Deck 2 is happening.

In an interview with EDGE Magazine (and spotted by PC Gamer), Valve president Gabe Newell has confirmed that, at the very least, the company is already thinking about a second device. Citing his surprise that the most premium variant of the Steam Deck is selling remarkably well, Newell explains that the device’s success “helps frame [Valve’s] thinking for Deck 2.”

According to Newell, a sequel will likely expand on the Deck’s performance capabilities, potentially outing a device akin to a Steam Deck Pro. Upping the Deck’s specs makes a lot of sense. PC gaming is an almost constant progression, outing upgraded specs at a regular yearly clip.

“The second iterations are going to be more about: What are the capabilities that mobile gives us, above and beyond what you would get in a traditional desktop or laptop?” Newell adds. Besides performance, the sequel will also focus on mobility, a key selling point for the rivalling Switch.

However, as mentioned above, it’s still pretty early into the Deck’s young life cycle. Though Valve is already talking about a second device, it will likely take a while before more concrete plans materialize.

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