There’s a Digimon game coming in 2022

It’s been a while but Digimon is finally getting a game in 2022. From publisher BANDAI NAMCO, the game is called Digimon Survive.

Digimon doesn’t enjoy the same popularity as Pokémon. The latter has had games coming out one after another.

The game was first announced in February 27, and BANDAI NAMCO has shared a trailer to get the word out.

Classic SRPG

Digimon Survive is a text adventure and tactical battle game. It features the dramatic adventures of the teenage protagonists and their monster allies.

The brief story synopsis is as follows:

Lost on a school camping trip, a group of teenagers are transported to an alternate dimension. Along with the mysterious monsters they encounter, they must fight to survive terrible peril.


The choices players are forced to make throughout the game will impact both the evolution of their monster allies and the final ending of the story. Battles are fought in 2D classic SRPG style. It uses graphics with enhanced spatial rendering capabilities to portray the mystery and drama of the parallel world.

Digimon Survive will be available in 2022. It is coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, PlayStation 4. It is also playable on the PlayStation 5.

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