Samsung removes the ‘Z’ from Galaxy Z Fold lineup

How do you feel about the Galaxy Z series? Regardless of how you feel about foldables in general, Samsung’s lineup has a polarizing name. Instead of just “Galaxy Fold” or “Galaxy Flip,” each device’s name comes with a Z. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the zeitgeist is changing soon. Samsung has started removing the Z in some countries.

Spotted by renowned leaker Ishan Agarwal, the company has changed its website, removing the letter from the lineup. In certain European countries like Latvia, the foldable lineup is simple called Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip.

It’s not a global change, though. In other countries like the United States, Samsung still has the same Z. Further, the company did not issue an explanation as to why it dropped the Z only in some countries. Some are speculating that the name change is due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Russians are currently using “Z” as a way to signify their armies. It’s possible that Samsung wants to distance itself from the conflict especially in countries that are near the heart of the war.

Regardless of reason, Samsung has a few months to figure out what its next naming convention will be. It’s still a while before the company will launch the fourth generation of its foldable phones.

Arguably, removing the Z represents a major improvement for the lineup. The additional letter is quite the mouthful for a simple series. It won’t be a huge change, either. When the foldable first launched, it was known as the Galaxy Fold, not the Galaxy Z Fold.

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