Samsung issues fix for huge app throttling issue

Recently, Samsung found itself in the middle of a massive throttling issue that involved over 10,000 mobile apps. After discovering the issue and the consumer ire that came with it, the company wasted no time in delivering a fix for the issue. In South Korea, Samsung users are receiving throttling management controls for their phones.

As spotted by XDA Developers, Galaxy S22 users in South Korea are getting updates that will solve the issue. The firmware update alters Samsung’s Game Optimization Service app included in most of its flagships. Specifically, it adds a Game Performance Management Mode which controls how the phone throttles performance from certain apps. Of course, doing so will warn users that turning off throttling will result in heat and less efficient batteries.

A week ago, South Korean users discovered that their smartphones were blocking performance from a cavalcade of apps including popular ones. Though the smartphones were still fast in their own right, the throttling issue showed that Samsung wasn’t delivering the same level of power it advertised. The issue has since ballooned to other countries.

Avoiding a controversy that could have paralleled the Galaxy Note 7 brouhaha, Samsung acted fast to work on the update. It does make sense that the update arrives first in South Korea, its home country and the first one to discover the issue. Although, the report does indicate that the update will come to more countries in the coming days. Hopefully, it will come to more series, too.

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