Samsung is reportedly throttling over 10,000 apps

When you buy a new flagship, the minimum expectation simply asks for top performance. The last thing you’d want to hear is that your brand-new smartphone isn’t giving you the power it advertised. Yet here we are. Reports exploding out of South Korea have revealed that Samsung is throttling its smartphone’s performance.

Via Android Authority, the issue first got traction from South Korean users who spotted the debacle. It has since reached substantial mass when the news reached Twitter. “Substantial” isn’t an exaggeration, either. According to the findings and subsequent complaints, over 10,000 apps were throttled on Samsung’s devices.

Fortunately, the findings have also revealed which app is causing all the issues. The culprit is Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service. As the name indicates, the app is meant to optimize the device’s performance and battery life for hardy gaming sessions. However, the extensive list doesn’t just cover games. Popular apps, like Instagram and Netflix, were also affected.

Reports have not been consistent about which devices had the app, though. While the Android Authority’s article cites that the issue goes only up to the Galaxy S21 series, some have found the app in their new Galaxy S22 smartphones.

What is Samsung doing?

According to a Naver blog, Samsung is aware of the issue and is currently investigating the app. The same source notes that the company is approaching the issue with the same severity as the infamous Galaxy Note 7.

In a separate source from Twitter, Samsung will reportedly roll out updates allowing users to control how the Game Optimizing Service can prioritize performance. It looks like the app isn’t going away just yet.

Samsung now finds itself in a rough spot barraged by public opinion. Most of the outrage comes from three sides: “why didn’t Samsung give the option in the first place,” “why didn’t Samsung notify its users of the throttling,” and “why isn’t Samsung delivering on its promised performance.”

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