Ruhens unveils Captain America, Iron Man water purifiers

Marvel enthusiasts will definitely love bringing Ruhens Singapore’s two new water purifiers to their homes.

A leader in water purifying technology, Ruhens has released two Marvel Edition Ruhens V water purifiers which shall be available from March 18, 2022.

Featuring Captain America and Iron Man, the water purifiers come in blue and red, representing the iconic Marvel superheroes’ main colors.

For Marvel fans

Ruhens V Captain America

The Captain America edition boasts an outline of the Super Soldier in front. One side of the purifier is red, white, and blue, while on the other side is his famous shield.

The Iron Man edition, meanwhile, comes in regal red, gold, and white, the colors of Tony Stark’s armor.

Outlines of his suit and helmet are embedded in front; a full image of Iron Man in mid-flight with blasters cover the side.

Convenient multi-temperature control

Ruhens V Captain America

The Ruhens V has been an essential home product due to its multi-temperature capability that allows users to switch in between five different temperatures.

With just a touch of a button, users may select 4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 60ºC, or 87ºC depending on their need, like brewing coffee or a preparing an ice-cold drink, thanks to its direct cooler and heating technology.

The purifier will also dispense precise amounts of 120ml, 550 ml, and 1,500ml automatically.

Keeping it clean

Ruhens’ cutting-edge filtration system features the Micro Antioxidant Carbon Filter which reduces sediment particles and the NanofactPlus Filter which removes water contaminants.

A filter change indicator reminds users when to change the filters too; the filters are automatically cleaned using a UV lamp as well.

The Ruhens V’s eco mode also helps reduce power consumption by up to 30 percent.

Price and availability

Ruhens V Captain America

The new Ruhens V Marvel Edition Captain America is now available for preorder. Meanwhile. the Iron Man version will be available starting from April 2022.

Both models will retail at SG$ 2,799 at the Ruhens showroom in Takashimaya from March 18, 2022, inclusive of three years’ worth of filters.

Other colors include:

  • Vanilla (white)
  • Charcoal (black)
  • Bubblegum Pink (full pink)
  • Marshmallow Pink (half pink)
  • Frosted Silver (white and silver)

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