Netflix is making a Tekken anime series

As ever, the world of video game adaptations is a touchy topic for fans. Regardless, that world’s roster is quickly growing. A lot of the most popular video game franchises are getting adaptations for big and small screens. Now, add Tekken to that list. Netflix has confirmed that the iconic fighting game series is getting an anime adaptation soon.

Today, the platform announced the upcoming series, called Tekken: Bloodline, through an official trailer. The series will focus on series protagonist Jin Kazama right before he joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Most of the teaser focuses on his training prior to the tournament. However, it also teases a few confirmed characters including Heihachi Mishima and King.

Tekken: Bloodline will premiere sometime this year.

Netflix has been investing in video game adaptations for a while now. One of the most successful adaptations, Arcane, brought the world of League of Legends to a wider market outside the world of gaming. The platform also teased an upcoming adaptation of Resident Evil as well.

Besides video game adaptations, Netflix is also working on turning other franchises into adaptations. One such example, though unsuccessful, was the short-lived Cowboy Bebop series. With a new Tekken series in the works, Netflix is going hard on popular titles.

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