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The Mountain Everest Max is a highly customizable keyboard. In fact, they pride themselves in their ability to optimize and customize their modular keyboard with a detachable media dock, numpad, and palm rest. If you think that’s all, oh boy, are you in for a treat. The Mountain Everest Max manages to deliver on good and solid baselines but, also design customizability that anyone can appreciate.

Let’s talk about the switches

When you get your sweaty hands on one of these, they come with hot-swappable Cherry MX switches factory-tuned with Krytox™ GPL 205 Grade 0. Which is, in true five-head fashion, a good baseline for a quality customizable keyboard. If that isn’t your cup of tea, the keyboard set comes with a keycap puller and a few other switches you can test out. They even make it easy for you to replace the stock switches with any other compatible hot-swap variants.

The cake isn’t a lie!

I had the Mountain Everest Max with me for a week or two and it has genuinely made all the difference in not just my working life; but also, my gaming and streaming life. The numpad and media dock are perfect accessories to switch out getting a stream deck. There, I said it.

It should come as no surprise that you can opt-out of these “fru fru” detachable features. But, as someone whose crusty fingers have been blessed with the chance to click-clack play with them, you will regret nothing if you do get the fancy premium set.

Who for?

For you, baby boy/girl/nonbinary human! This set is just an absolute *chef’s kiss*. Bro, I don’t think you understand how it just hits all different to find something that gives people the space to play around their set-up.

If you’re not quite into mechanical keyboards, this is the perfect gateway into it. Every facet of the Mountain Everest Max welcomes and optimizes your comfortability and modularity. Which, in my book, deserves mad respects.

Too good to be true?

Alright, everything aside, there are a few things I struggled with using the Mountain Everest Max keyboard. And, let me clarify that this is just me being extremely nitpicky. Because holy sheesh, this set serves on most points.

The detachable numpad (which you can attach on either side of the keyboard) and magnetic palm rest are a bit annoying. Hold that thought and put down your pitchforks. Listen, listen. As great accessories as they are, they often get detached and disconnected when you nudge your keyboard… That’s pretty much it. As long as you keep everything in one place and don’t move your setup as much as a restless chipmunk as I do, you’re all good.

Is this the keyboard for you?

The Mountain Everest Max is a good modular mechanical keyboard. Like, we’re talking scathe the sphincter close to perfection here. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard perfect for multitasking work, play, and streaming, this is it.

You may need to make your wallets brace for impact though, because… yes. Even if you’re not a keyboard connoisseur, this may be a pricey keyboard worth rebuilding and working on down the line. I do think it’s worth mentioning that the keyboard price is thoroughly justified with everything it allows you to play with and customize.

The full package!

The Mountain Everest Max already has a bunch of sweet accessories but with the Mountain Makalu 67 gaming mouse and the Nunatak XL mousepad, you’ve got a spicy dream team! The Mountain Everest Max costs PhP 14,990; Mountain Makalu 67 gaming mouse costs PhP 2,990; and the Nunatak XL mousepad is PhP 1,490.

In Singapore, Mountain Everest Max costs SG$ 399. You may purchase them at Lazada or Shopee.

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