Leica might partner with Xiaomi soon

The Huawei and Leica tandem was a match made in heaven. It ushered in a golden age for Huawei, fueled by impressive cameras. Naturally, Huawei’s fall from grace also caused a falling out between the two companies, forcing Leica to hunt for a new partner. According to new findings, the camera company might have found its next soulmate — Xiaomi.

A Polish source, MIUI Polska, dug through the latest versions of Xiaomi’s MIUI system. The software — particularly, the Gallery Editor app — sneaked in references to Leica deep inside its code. The inclusion might point to Leica-branded filters for the camera.

However, the secrecy does point out that the partnership isn’t set in stone yet. As such, it’s hard to confirm how deep Xiaomi’s partnership with Leica will go. The camera company notably had a hand in Huawei’s camera hardware. Will their next partner enjoy the same benefits?

Regardless, Leica probably won’t stay out of the smartphone industry for long. Some camera companies have always had involvements in the industry. Another example is Zeiss and its enduring partnership with Nokia.

Additionally, Xiaomi remains one of the biggest experimenters for smartphone cameras. Years ago, the company created impressive alternatives to the then-controversial camera notch. It’s still adding more form factors into its portfolio even today.

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