iOS 15.4 optimizes Face ID while wearing a mask

Years since the pandemic started, Apple is finally adding support for Face ID while using a mask. Despite the easing of restrictions, masks are here to stay. That said, it will be useful to easily access your phone while remaining masked up. Apple is adding just that (and a lot of other new features) in the iOS 15.4 update.

The update has started rolling out to Apple’s lineup. Updated devices will start recognizing familiar faces even while masked up. Previously, Apple added rudimentary versions of the tech. Past updates included partial facial recognition but only if the user was also wearing an Apple Watch. For the first time, devices won’t need an external device (or an unmasked face) to grant access to users.

Besides the new facial recognition feature, iOS 15.4 will also add a host of anti-stalking measures for linked AirTags. Malicious parties using the tracker for ill-willed purposes have been a persistent problem for Apple since the AirTag’s launch.

Further, to promote inclusivity, the update added a new gender-neutral voice option for Siri. Since Siri’s launch, the iconic voice has grown to accommodate other cultures including Black voices.

Finally, the update adds a host of new emojis including a few interesting ones.

Now, to round out the other side of things, accompanying updates iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 will introduce Universal Control. Updated Macs can now use the mouse and keyboard to control updated iPads. With that feature, users can also seamlessly transfer data between iPads and Macs.

iOS 15.4 is already available for download.

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