Dyson Zone adds a built-in air purifier to headphones

If you want to make an entrance, do it in the most bombastic way possible. Dyson, commonly known for its vacuum cleaners, is seemingly taking these words to heart. The company recently announced its first entry into the headphones industry. It’s quite a doozy, though. The new Dyson Zone comes with a built-in air purifier.

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Dyson Zone is their wacky design. Besides the traditional headphones design, the device has a sizable “visor” that covers the user’s nostrils and mouth. It traipses quite a fine line between lifestyle and outright sci-fi.

The Dyson Zone’s air-purifying features are simpler to understand. They can suck in air through the two ear cups. The device then filters the air and serves the purified air through the visor and into the space between the surface of the visor and the user’s nostrils. The purifier can filter out most pollutants and particles.

Additionally, the purifier can automatically adjust its operation depending on what the user is doing. For example, if the user is working out, the Zone works harder to deliver much-needed air.

Since the focus is on the purifier, Dyson has not revealed the Zone’s audio specs. If anything, the Zone has configurations depending on your conditions. Users can toggle between an isolation and a transparency mode. The former is the more traditional ANC mode that blocks all noise. Meanwhile, the latter lets more important details like car horns and alarms through the filtration.

Finally, the Zone automatically shifts into a conversation mode if the visor is put down. Under that mode, users will be able to converse with others even while wearing the device.

Dyson has not announced the device’s price and availability yet.

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