Apple working on SIM-less iPhone

Are you ready to say goodbye to SIM cards? Once upon a time, the tiny card was one of the most important parts of getting a new phone. The transition from regular to mini- to nano-SIM cards forced people to find adapters and cutters to move their SIMs from one device to the next. Now, with most smartphones using more than one standard, SIM card problems are a thing of the past. Apple, if a recent rumor is to be believed, is going a step further: the first SIM-less iPhone

According to a source from MacRumors, Apple has recently advised American telcos to prepare for eSIM-only iPhones. As early as this year, upcoming iPhone series might have a variant without the ubiquitous SIM card slot. Instead, the phones will use a card-less way to give its phones an identity.

eSIMs aren’t new, of course. In fact, previous iPhones already supported the system. Last year’s iPhone 13 was the first one in the lineup to have dual eSIM.

Without a card slot, Apple might be transitioning completely to a SIM-less system. This is perhaps in line with previous rumors of a port-less iPhone series. Of course, even if a SIM-less iPhone comes out soon, it will take a while before the world adopts the new standard. Not every country supports eSIMs just yet.

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