XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine: More espresso, less depresso

Ordering a double shot espresso is something I do when I badly need an extra will to live. Caffeine just gives you the purpose to stay productive and get things done.

I haven’t considered making an espresso at home before. But when the XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine found its way to my kitchen’s countertop, I realized how a small espresso machine can be life-changing for those in love with coffee and the kick it brings.

Foray in making espresso

At home, I own an electric coffeemaker, a capsule machine, a french press, and a cold brew maker. You could say that coffee is one of my love languages — it’s how I prefer to express and receive love. But I’m not a coffee aficionado despite owning different tools and machines.

This is why I enlisted Mark’s help — one of my best friends whom I consider a caffeine-dependent lifeform. We brought the espresso machine and placed it in the Ford Everest Sport’s compartment. It was compact and easy to carry around with its 3kg weight.

We were dead set in using the small appliance instead of a De’Longhi Primadonna for our annual reunion, and boy, we were in love.

Suddenly, the XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine found itself inside the Ford Everest Sport, traveling from the City of Parañaque to the province of Pampanga, and in between the cities of San Fernando and Angeles on a week-long trip.

Easy to figure out

We set up the coffee machine in our breakfast nook on the kitchen countertop, together with the ingredients we pooled together that delight our palates.

Setting the small appliance is child’s play, even for someone who isn’t particular with espresso machines. Out of the box, the coffee machine came with a 1.5L detachable transparent water tank, two dual-stainless steel filters apt for one or two cups, and a plastic coffee spoon.

Further, it’s uncomplicated to use with its simple touch panel control. When plugged, the panel will light up. From there, you can turn it on or off with a power button, choose between a single shot or double shot espresso, or pick the high-pressure frothing function to froth your milk.

When not in use for more than 25 minutes, the machine automatically shuts down. Although, you can easily wake it up with a soft press on its panel.

Warm your heart with a cup of coffee

The XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine uses a die-casting aluminum alloy boiler while packing a 20-bar powerful pressure pump inside. With its materials, the device is protected from overheating and overpressure.

Throughout our week’s use, we didn’t find ourselves having trouble with the heat it produces — and that’s coming from someone who made ten double-shot espressos consecutively for nearly an hour.

You may be shocked that it took nearly an hour for us to prepare everyone’s coffee. But that’s because there were ten of us, and the process is extensive. Although, it takes less than a minute to brew the coffee whether you press the single shot or double shot espresso function.

What took us long in preparing everyone’s morning coffee is the process of changing the coffee grounds, cleaning the stainless steel filter, brewing again, frothing the milk, and even trying to make art.

I’ve originally wanted something naughty to be drawn on top of my coffee, but it might take a while for me to learn how to do it properly. Better tune in to my Instagram so you can get an update. 😂

Nevertheless, during our stint, my best friend Mark introduced us to the art of making your espresso, and the importance of frothing the milk to create a texture that would make your morning coffee gratifying to drink. But there’s more to it than I realize.

Learning love languages through coffee

Despite the long process of preparing coffee, which appears to be tiresome to some people (read: friends who wake up late), I found a sudden appreciation in the art of making espresso.

It’s not just a cup of coffee that will wake you up. The process of making and serving coffee encapsulates what love languages are about.

Early birds who were waiting for their cup of coffee in the morning

The time and effort to make the perfect cup of espresso that will suit your or someone else’s palate is an act of service. Receiving a cup of coffee feels like a gift — especially when the drink’s ready right when you wake up.

Meanwhile, expressing gratitude and hearing praise for serving a delectable coffee fall under words of affirmation. Holding a warm cup imitates the warmth felt when holding someone’s hands — teaching us the love language of physical touch.

Breakfast meals look good when paired with a good cup of coffee

And what I love the most: Quality time. We hang out with our loved ones over a cup of warm coffee, on a sunny morning or a cold afternoon outside. I definitely saw espressos and espresso machines in a new light, and now, it has taken a spot in my heart.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

Whether you’re someone learning to appreciate coffee, transitioning from traditional brewing methods, or just someone who’s fond of caffeine — the XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine can be a great addition to your practical smart home.

It won’t take much space with its compact size. And it’s easy to operate. You don’t have to use your brain cells right away when you’re just starting your day.

Surely, this is an easy recommendation, whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a caffeine-dependent rookie, or a clueless beginner in need of a simple, small coffee machine.

Moreover, the XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine is a small appliance you’d welcome in your life, whatever stage you’re at. It’s perfect for singles who love giving themselves a shot of caffeine any time of the day, couples who found joy dilly-dallying over cups of coffee, or friends sharing their hot goss while sipping espresso like a leveled-up Marites.

The XTREME Home 1.5L Coffee Machine retails for PhP 3,735. It’s available for purchase on XTREME’s concept stores and its official online stores on Shopee and Lazada.

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