The Find N is OPPO’s first foldable phone

OPPO has teased a foldable phone since the form factor took off all those years ago. However, despite the rise of other brands in the market, the Chinese company has not rolled out a product for its fans yet. Finally, after years of waiting, it looks like OPPO is ready to unveil its foldable smartphone. Officially teased by OPPO’s CEO, the OPPO Find N will launch sometime next week.

In a blog post, OPPO CEO Pete Lau officially confirmed the Find N’s coming during the upcoming INNO DAY. Further, OPPO’s Twitter account unveiled a teaser trailer for the foldable.

The video does not exactly reveal much about the Find N. No one knows what hardware the device will come in. However, according to the phone in the video, it will fold like a book, much like the Samsung Galaxy Fold series.

Likewise, Lau’s blog post only talks in generalities. The OPPO leader promises that the upcoming foldable will be beautiful and easy-to-use, melding leading technologies with sound design principles.

Lau’s current stance is a strange departure from his previous opinions on foldables. When he was exclusively with OnePlus, Lau vehemently denied foldables as the future of smartphones. Since the OnePlus co-founder took the reins for OPPO, his stances have changed.

Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. OPPO has experimented with foldables and unique form factors for years. Most notably, OPPO launched the Find X series, one of the first experiments to get rid of the controversial camera notch. A foldable smartphone is par for the course.

OPPO is set to host its annual INNO DAY on December 15.

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