Samsung combines phone division with TVs

Corporate restructurings are often uninteresting for consumers. However, if it’s a globally renowned company, one has to stand up and take notice. Samsung, one of those globally renowned companies, just announced a major restructuring which might have implications for the future of its products. Headlining this restructuring, the company is combining its smartphone business with its other consumer products.

Today, Samsung now has two major divisions: one for its semiconductor business and another to handle its consumer lineup. As such, the company has consolidated all its smartphones with its TVs and other consumer products.

The semiconductor division, called Device Solutions, will have former Samsung Electro-Mechanics CEO Kyehyun Kyung heading the group. Meanwhile, the consumer division, called SET Division, will have Samsung’s TV wizard Jong-hee Han as its head.

The new consumer head has a history with the company’s visual displays and televisions. Naturally, a television-focused chief might pose some interesting questions for the company. Will Samsung focus on displays more in the future? If not, will its smartphone arm enjoy better displays going forward?

Besides its ubiquitous line of smartphones, Samsung also offers a lot of components for other tech makers including its displays and semiconductors. Though Samsung’s consumer business is iconic, the company’s chip business is just as profitable, headlined by a more open business model for Exynos.

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