OPPO teases a retractable camera later this month

Remember owning point-and-shoot cameras from yesteryear? Though the device’s image quality paled in comparison to SLRs of the era, it was still a capable shooter. Plus, the buzz of the camera retracting and expanding is always satisfying. Like what it did with other camera designs, OPPO is experimenting with a new camera: a retractable camera design.

Revealed by the company in a tweet, OPPO will present more details about the upcoming form factor during INNO WORLD on December 14. The teaser did not reveal whether the camera will come with an actual smartphone or if it’s just a prototype.

However, we do have some details about the upcoming device. According to screenshots from the video, the camera will have a 1/1.56″ camera sensor, an f/2.4 aperture, and a 50mm focal length. Besides the capable specs, the video also hinted at the camera’s durability. The camera can open and close under watery conditions and can survive a significant fall from a height.

Having a retractable camera does present an interesting possibility for phone cameras. The design will expand the camera’s optical zoom, allowing for clearer photos without resorting to wonkier digital zooms.

This isn’t OPPO’s first experiment with an odd-looking camera setup. Years ago, the company released another form of retractable camera through the OPPO Find X series.


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