macOS now has screen sharing on FaceTime

Screen sharing is a necessity nowadays. Since social distancing is still a recommendation today, having the best technologies to communicate with people elsewhere has its perks. As such, you’d want the best way to share content, photos, and videos. Finally, Apple has introduced a more seamless way to share screens using SharePlay and FaceTime.

With today’s update to macOS Monterey, FaceTime users on their Macs can now share their screens more efficiently. The simplest way to do so — sharing your app windows — is easily accessible from FaceTime’s Screen Share option. Users can pick which window will be broadcasted to other callers.

Additionally, FaceTime users can also watch movies and TV shows with others simultaneously through Apple TV. Callers will have access to playback options while they watch. They can also arrange their windows easily by separating the show and the call in one screen.

Users can also share music with the Music app. Likewise, everyone can control the music. It’s a great way to have music in the background while working together.

Besides these main functionalities, users can also use a flurry of other apps like Photos, Pages, and games. They can collaborate on work, share photos, and stream games natively from Apple.

Apple’s native sharing functionality is a huge step-up for Apple users. Other apps, like Discord, already offer similar functions; however, with Apple implementing the feature, users shouldn’t need another app anymore, especially while calling another Apple user.

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