Infinix Note 11S: A game changer at its price point

‘Bang-for-the-buck’ has always been my association for devices that come out from Infinix. They relentlessly create devices that squeeze out the very best you can get for the money. It is for this very reason why they’ve acquired quite a following on social media and that most of their releases gather such wide anticipation. 

Right after publishing our unboxing and first impressions of the Infinix Note 11S and sharing posts on my social media pages, I’ve received a lot of questions about different aspects of this device. So, to find out everything I needed to know, I went on and took the Note 11S as my daily driver for two weeks.

Here are a couple of things I’ve figured out in my experience with the Infinix Note 11S.

A quick refresher of the specs

Just so we’re on the same page, here’s a quick refresher of the specs of the Infinix Note 11S.

It has a 6.95-inch, 120Hz, FHD+, IPS display and is running on the new Helio G96 chipset paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. Along with these are a 50-megapixel triple camera setup with a 16-megapixel selfie camera, a 5,000 mAh battery, and a 33W fast charging capability.

Design and build quality

Note-branded devices from other manufacturers are typically targeted towards professionals, and as I’ve mentioned in our unboxing and first impressions, the Note 11S seems to tread the same path.

It sports a professional and uncomplicated look resembling other models under the Infinix Note line of devices despite being targeted towards gamers.

The phone is housed in this sleek-looking and premium-feeling body. It’s still predominantly made of plastic, but the device doesn’t feel cheaply made. I guess we can assume that a portion of the price premium you’re paying is allocated on this aspect.

You can tell just by how it feels that the build quality is an upgrade from their Hot series. The design is also much more polished.

If you’re the type who really enjoys large smartphones for gaming or watching videos, you’ll likely have a good time with the Note 11S.

Two-handed operation on landscape gaming won’t make your hand cover the whole display as it’s just massive at its 6.95-inch size.

On the other hand, people who’re used to smaller or average-sized smartphones may find this Note 11S to be comically big. And to prove that, here’s a photo of it sticking out of my front pocket.

I used to really dislike side-mounted fingerprint scanners. I prefer rear-mounted ones because of their lack of sensitivity. But on the Note 11S, I’m happy to say that that isn’t the case.

The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is so responsive that even the slightest touch of my thumb gets recognized.

Display and sound quality

One notable aspect which sets the Note 11S apart from their lower-tier smartphones is its display. The Note 11S is packing a 6.95-inch, FHD+, 120Hz, IPS display with a punch-hole selfie camera. 

A worthwhile upgrade from the usual displays we see on other Infinix devices. It’s decently sharp and has pretty adequate color reproduction.

I was a bit let down by the brightness though. I really struggled to view the display outdoors even when not under direct sunlight. Indoors I still found myself adjusting between three-fourths or max brightness. Anything below the half setting is just too dim for my taste.

I did compare it with the brightness performance of its older sibling, the Infinix Hot 10S, and I could say, the Note 11S is just slightly brighter.

It doesn’t have any kind of special screen strengthening technology but it does have a pre-installed plastic screen protector to compensate.

The sound quality also sounded fuller and louder this time. There’s nothing notably special about it but it does sound decent. It also didn’t seem to have the common issue I’ve been reading in some Facebook posts of their devices being too quiet at near max volume level but too loud at max. 

Hardware and performance

With gaming as its top priority, we would expect that the gaming performance on the Note 11S to be good. And that’s exactly the case. It ran most games I threw at it at playable speeds or even higher. I managed to run Genshin Impact at medium resolution with little to no lag.

With a few tweaks, this can even run at a combination of high and medium settings. To me, this is already very commendable as we don’t have that many choices that could do this at this price point.

However, despite being what I would consider being a relatively powerful chipset, some games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Call of Duty: Mobile did not have the highest graphic settings as an available option.

This could probably be because the Helio G96 chip is still relatively new but I do feel positive that an update could be released to solve this issue for Mobile Legends.

Other than that, all of these games ran flawlessly on the Note 11S. Call of Duty: Mobile ran at an exceptionally smooth pace with the 120Hz display and felt very fluid to the touch. And to answer the question if gyroscope controls are working fine, the answer is yes. 

Also, like other Infinix devices, we’re still getting the shortcut on the home screen which lets us clear RAM usage with just a tap. Executing this shortcut before running a game comes in handy to ensure a more stutter-free gaming experience.

Running on XOS 10 skin on top of Android 11, there’s quite a number of preinstalled apps most of which I would prefer to be uninstalled but I do appreciate that the most common social media apps are present so we won’t have to bother downloading them anymore.

For day-to-day use, there isn’t really anything to complain about its performance and I actually consider it snappy. 

Camera quality

Having a 50-megapixel shooter, we might expect stellar camera performance on the Note 11S. Subjectively, I think it’s pretty good. It focuses and exposes quickly and mostly nails the color temperature which is greatly appreciated if you don’t want to bother editing your photos.

But I noticed a few things with its camera software though which made the Note 11S not the ideal smartphone photography partner for me.

For one, the Note 11S only lets you lock the exposure and focus for about one or two seconds before it lets it go. I didn’t quite understand why but this is the same issue I faced with the Infinix Hot 10S. A lot of people might not be bothered by this since most of us would just point and shoot with our phones. But others who’d want to get more accurate results might get frustrated.

Another thing I noticed was the Pro mode also doesn’t feature RAW shooting which is another bummer for me.

The 16-megapixel selfie camera does take pretty decent shots too, especially in good lighting conditions. However, it lacked the palm gesture shooting capability which I tend to use very often in most other smartphones I’ve used.

I honestly think there’s a lot of potential on these cameras and most of the inconveniences I’ve mentioned are just on the software side of things which I believe are fixable through updates.

Battery life and charging

For a device that has a capacity of 5,000mAh for its battery, I would rate the battery performance of the Note 11S to be on the satisfactory side.

A whole day of usage on mostly mobile data gets me at around forty percent remaining towards the end of the day. Pretty typical for a device that’s running on this capacity of the battery.

The 33W charging, on the other hand, is superb. It only takes a little over an hour to fully charge this device from its low battery state. And while these aren’t insanely fast speeds, this is another feature we rarely see in devices in this price range.

Is the Infinix Note 11S your GadgetMatch?

This device is just packed with a lot of features that are really appealing to the market it is targeted to. Serious gamers who’d want that big high refresh rate display, performance that won’t hold you back on gaming, a design you could show off, and charging speed that would get you back to your game in no time are just some of its most captivating aspects.

But with everything we’ve mentioned about the Infinix Note 11S, the real game-changer that I believe would really make one choose to go for this is the really attractive price of PhP 9,990.

It’s still not for everyone as it does fall into the phablet category for its size and of course, there are more powerful devices at higher price points, but if it fits your preference and you’re within this budget, I think the Infinix Note 11S is a very compelling choice. 

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