FOREO LUNA 3 Men: How to get clean and clear skin

A lot of folks ask me, “Hey Michael Josh, how do you manage to look so young?”

As much as I wish I had the location to a super secret fountain of youth, to be honest, it’s probably good genes. As I get older, I’ve also made sure to take better care of my skin.

There are three essential steps to a good skin care routine, and it’s not that complicated:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Apply lots of sunscreen

For the first step, I’ve been using the new FOREO LUNA 3 Men.

While washing your face with your hands does the job, T-Sonic pulsation technology on the LUNA 3 Men does it better by helping you remove dirt and impurities.

This high tech skin care gadget has silicone bristles that really get in there and cleanse your skin—ridding it of pollutants and sweat.

I had also been a lot more active lately so these things build up on my skin after a workout.

The bristles on the LUNA 3 Men are bacteria resistant, too, so you don’t introduce anything nasty onto your skin.

While I don’t grow that buch of a beard, I’ve also found that using my LUNA 3 Men before shaving helps prepare the skin for a smoother shave.

Over the last few months of using it, I’ve noticed that my skin does feel smoother and refreshed after.

Beauty gurus recommend a wide variety of products to put on your face, but none of them will be able to do their job unless you have a clean face to start with. So cleansing is a very important first step.

If you have serums that you’d like to apply, you can use the other side of the LUNA 3 Men to give you a firming facial massage.

Its back side has concentric ridges, so after applying serum to your face, gently glide it in an upward motion across your cheeks, forehead and chin.

After that, gently apply your go-to moisturizer and sunscreen.

The FOREO LUNA 3 Men is made for all skin types, and it retails for US$ 169 at, Sephora PH, Lazada PH.

This content is created in partnership with FOREO Sweden

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