Best of 2021: Our favorite gadgets of 2021

Believe it or not, the GadgetMatch team is composed of real people with their own preferences. Unlike what the Internet would like you to believe, we’re not one big blob called “the media.” In the spirit of individuality, we’re sharing here each member’s pick for their own GadgetMatch for 2021.

HiFiMAN Sundara

HiFiMAN Sundara

Luigi: I usually work in crowded environments. However, with the pandemic still forcing us into work-from-home or hybrid setups, I’ve learned to appreciate devices that I can only use without anyone around me. One such example is open-back headphones, especially the HiFiMAN Sundara. Though it’s technically an old release, the Sundara proves itself worthy in today’s strange economy. Bolstered by a decent price tag, the headphones feature the widest soundstage and the most comfort I’ve enjoyed in a pair of cans.

PlayStation 5

Samsung Neo QLED

Rodneil: Yes, I know this came out in 2020 but naturally, my experience with it came during the bulk of 2021. Surprisingly, I may have played and completed more games in 2021 than in the last 3 to 4 years combined. Plenty of things factor into this but chief of them is just having a brand spanking new console to play on. It also didn’t hurt that I was able to pair it with a damn good TV for a few months. I like playing. The immersive experience really makes me feel like I’m being isekai’d (transported to another world/reality).

Samsung The Serif 2021

MJ: I didn’t realize I’d appreciate a lifestyle TV combined with a one-of-a-kind display technology until I met the Samsung The Serif. It has stayed with me for four months (and counting). That QLED goodness is just so alluring, I can’t get my eyes off it. And the TV’s structure is such a piece of artwork — I could really stare at it the whole day.

LG 29WP500 Ultra-Wide Monitor

Vincenz: Being GadgetMatch’s main YouTube editor, the LG 29WP500 Ultra-Wide Monitor helped me finish tasks easier — whether it’s about script-checking or doing graphics while searching for assets on the other window. This is specifically thanks to the OnScreen Control feature which has the ability to divide windows depending on the chosen layout. Better than your usual ‘Alt+Tab’ combo. The only thing I dislike about this product is its mouthful product name 🥴

realme Watch 2 Pro 

Apple: It was hard to find motivation to workout especially during the pandemic. However, once I got my hands on the realme Watch 2 Pro, I found myself working out almost every day and finding time to even take a short walk outside the condo. It felt good to really see how many calories I’ve burnt or which workout routines I’ve done for the day.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Leez: The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro embodies the tablet you didn’t know you needed without taking all the money in your wallet. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a tablet to optimize your creative and work output wherever you are, this is the perfect tablet for you.

It’s feature-packed to make sure you get every bang for your buck while working like a pro. While I had it and rekindled my love of doodling, it kept me sane indoors and made me realize how little I knew about just how much I might actually need one.

Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag

JP: I’m the type of person who would prefer a Netflix-and-chill kind of night on a Friday instead of a night out. The pandemic era did not help with that because I had to develop this long, complicated ritual before going out, while I’m out, and even AFTER I come home. The Pixoo sling bag helped me simplify the things I had to bring, down to the essentials. It also refocused my energy when I’m outside because being my tiny 4’11” self, most adult bags are usually bigger than what I can comfortably handle. And my favorite part is the customizable LED screen that’s built into the bag so the world can see my awesome taste in Pixel art.

This bag is weather-resistant, fits ALL my essentials (and more), is comfortable to wear, and most of all it low-key makes me stand out from the crowd. It made me rediscover the magic of experiencing the outside world again.

Dyson Omni-Glide

Carol: As a household with five vacuums, it’s safe to say that we take our home cleaning seriously. The Omni-Glide is our latest addition and I find that it’s absolutely perfect for daily, quick-cleaning around our home. It’s compact — it won’t take a lot of space and it’s a breeze to store. It’s also highly maneuverable for your tiny nooks and crannies with its 360-degree, omnidirectional head. I can also get under tables and other furniture as it’s so light and lies flat. I still love my Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro, though. It’s what we now use for deep cleaning on weekends.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Gab: I’ve pretty much laid down the reasons why I ended up getting the Xbox Series X instead of the PlayStation 5, and I don’t want to repeat myself on that. Let’s just say that after using this console for the entirety of 2021, I’m pretty convinced that I made the right decision to get it while it was still available.

Of course, it boasts the same power and performance as a PlayStation 5 since they’re both the next generation of consoles. However, with the added features like Game Pass Ultimate, it resembles both a console and a gaming PC at a reasonable price. Of course, like the PS5, you better invest in a great TV to fully experience the power this machine wields. Still, I used it on old TVs, powerful gaming monitors, and even 4K TVs and it’s just a fun time all around!

Xiaomi Pad 5

Xiaomi Pad 5

Andre: I used to believe that tablets aren’t a thing anymore. But that was until I’ve used the Xiaomi Pad 5 which has slowly turned me into a dependent on this device. I now start my day getting updated with the morning news and end it watching Youtube videos before falling asleep.

It’s powerful enough to indulge myself in my day-to-day Pokemon Unite battle and get me through my regular content creation for social media. Being an 11-inch tablet, it’s just a handy device to take along anywhere and lasts me days on its battery. If I’m not bringing my laptop, I’m taking this with me.

We-Vibe Melt

Martynne: 2021 was pretty much the year I shifted my perspective about a lot of things, especially myself. The We-Vibe Melt came at a perfect time when I am on a self-discovery journey, and it helped me feel more empowered as a woman.

Not only did it change my standard when it comes to sex toys, but it also made me aspire for more open discussions about sex education in the Philippines.

I’m glad that I was able to talk about it openly on a platform like GadgetMatch. I also love hearing informative content on podcasts and some vlogs — whether it’s a pleasure gadget review, or safe sex 101. I hope to see more of these moving forward! Because come on guys, it’s 2022.

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