Touring the the biggest IKEA store in the world

The biggest IKEA store in the world has finally risen in the Philippine archipelago.

Situated in the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, the IKEA store covers a surface area of 68,000 sqm — as huge as 150 basketball courts housing plenty of collections for the perfect home.

GadgetMatch, together with several media outfits, got an exclusive sneak peek days before the grand public opening. Here’s what you can expect inside the new shopping destination in the country.


One of the first collections you’ll get to preview inside the showroom is the IKEA x ASUS ROG collection in the flesh. The partnership delivers desks, chairs, storage solutions, and accessories to help you build your perfect gaming setup.

IKEA for Business

One of the most popular collections IKEA has to offer is its workspaces. Though IKEA is avowed as a consumer-based store, the lifestyle brand caters to business units as well. You can have your spaces tailored to your business, befitting a bespoke charm that’ll surely invite more patrons.



IKEA for Kids

What’s a home without kids, our future as stated by the holy Whitney Houston? IKEA’s biggest store has a dedicated Kids section exhibiting furniture, fixture, set of organizers, and accessories, as well as toys that will make any children smile from ear to ear.


IKEA for Home

Of course, IKEA houses interior-designed home collections in their showroom. Several rooms were styled to show off different personalities, lifestyles, and aesthetics to match various customers. One thing I enjoyed is how IKEA’s stylists decorated rooms while still blending technology and design.

It’s proof that you don’t need lifeless white walls, RGB lights, and the typical wood accents to showcase your smart home. Which are reminiscent of every YouTuber’s home and Pinterest collections.

The showroom serves as a reminder that you can build a smart home while still maintaining a spirit, and parading your story.

IKEA for Plant Parents

The love for planting, gardening, and greenery grew over a span of a year, during the onset of the pandemic when everyone’s stuck at home. But even before that, there’s a market for plant parents and IKEA capitalizes on it — providing a section for those who love their plants.

Soft serve ice cream on an automated machine

How to shop?

Shopping is easy and seamless, especially with all the smart features placed all over the store. However, you need to book an appointment before you can shop. Reserve a slot here.

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