MSI announces holiday freebie bundles

MSI, a world leader in producing high-performance and innovative laptops, is bringing freebie bundles for its customers throughout the 2021 holiday season through their MSI Holiday Bundle promo.

The promo runs from November 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021, allowing Christmas shoppers to avail of free exclusive bundles worth up to PhP 10,000 for any MSI laptop purchase.

Included in the promos are the MSI Gaming Series for aspiring esports players and recreational gamers, the Business and Productivity lines ideal for work-from-home setups, and the MSI Creator line for artists, designers, and content creators.

With MSI’s Holiday Bundles, every purchase of any MSI laptop comes with free items like gaming accessories such as headsets, external HDDs, gaming mouses, jackets, mousepads, water bottles, and more.

There are five bundles available depending on the MSI products customers will purchase, as follows:

A Lootbox Headset, Gaming Jacket, and Gaming Mousepad

(Worth PhP 9,900)

B MSI pouch, Gaming Mousepad, Gaming Jacket, and Gaming water Bottle

(Worth PhP 7,000)

C Gaming Mouse and Gaming Mousepad

(Worth PhP 2,900)

D Seagate 1B External HDD, Prestige Polo, Porcelain Cup, and Prestige Mouse

(Worth PhP 8,800)

E Prestige Mouse

(Worth PhP 2,000)


The corresponding free bundle depends on which laptop units customers purchase, as listed below:

GS Series, GE Series, GP Series, GL Series, Delta 15 Bundle A
Katana GF Series, Alpha 15 Bundle B
Thin GF Series, Bravo 15 Bundle C
Creator Series Bundle D
Modern Series Bundle E

For more information about the MSI Holiday Bundles Promotion 2021, you may visit the dedicated microsite.

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