Lazada 11.11: Home office upgrades for you

Been eyeing that dream home-office or gaming setup? Lazada has an upgrade in store for everyone with the Lazada 11.11 Biggest One-Day Sale!

For only 24 hours, add the best tech essentials to your Lazada cart and shop with low, low, lowest prices, 90 percent off across the platform, and more. Plus get free shipping nationwide with no minimum spend and a bonus discount of PhP 50 off for every PhP 500 spent, beginning midnight on November 11.

Upgrades for work

Ergonomic Chair

The centerpiece of a more productive home-office is a proper chair. Able to better support the natural positioning of the body and ease tension and strain, an ergonomic chair is a worthwhile investment both for work and play.

There is a plethora of great ergonomic chairs available on Lazada, but the TN50 AIR from Fursys, South Korea’s leading office furniture brand, is highly recommended. More budget-friendly options from Sihoo M57 and Ergodynamic EHC-420 also stun with their impressive array of adjustable features.

Standing desk

A work desk at the correct height allows your arms and wrists to remain in a rested, neutral position while you type. In addition to nailing the correct desk height, those who also want the added health benefits of standing up periodically without interrupting their productivity can opt for a height-adjustable desk.

The Xitrix G0322D Desk is a no nonsense option with great bang-for-buck value on Lazada. The desk can accommodate up to 15kg. Meanwhile, Flexispot’s E3 Desk offers a more heavy-duty option and more bells and whistles. At the push of a button, users can program their own memory presets with the onboard digital display and control the desk’s dual electric motors. It also comes with anti-collision technology and can accommodate up to 125kg.

Monitor or Laptop Stand

To keep eyestrain and neck pain at bay, make sure your monitor or laptop screen is positioned at a comfortable distance and height while working.

Optimal positioning for displays can be achieved with monitor risers, laptop stands, and desk mounts. For maximum flexibility and range of movement, you may want to add the North Bayou F80 to your car. The single arm mount can accommodate most screen sizes between 17″ to 30″ from 2 to 9kg. For those working with laptops, the brand also offers a laptop bracket addon, and sizes. Pro-tip: Be sure to check for VESA compliance when looking for a monitor mount, typically this can be found in your monitor’s manual or manufacturer’s website.

If you’ve been working from home, having a second monitor can also be worthwhile. The extra screen space allows for more efficient multitasking, and studies suggest having multiple monitors can benefit overall productivity by 20 percent to 50 percent. The BenQ GW2270H is designed to be an affordable, basic monitor for all-around business use.  

External Keyboard and Mouse

Did you know you can relieve tension in your shoulders and arms with an external keyboard and mouse? While laptops are great for mobility, an external keyboard and mouse will be much more comfortable. Depending on what you primarily use your computer for, brands such as Logitech and Dell offer plenty of different options at every price point and even include mouse and keyboard bundles.

Solar lights

No sockets? No problem. The IMUTO solar lights provide convenient lighting that is easy to install regardless of location. The built-in solar panels and battery mean you save on your energy bills are free to work wherever and whenever you want.

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