Here’s the world’s first USB-C iPhone

Every smartphone has its set of strengths and weaknesses. For Apple’s iconic series, the iPhone is notorious for its proprietary hardware. You can’t get a lot of accessories outside of Apple and licensed third parties, creating a hold over the Apple ecosystem. One of those accessories is the much sought-after USB-C cable. Well, after much clamoring for one, here’s the world’s first USB-C iPhone.

Now, before you clap for a USB-C iPhone, the revolutionary device isn’t from Apple. Instead, Ken Pillonel, a Swiss engineering student, created an iPhone with a USB-C port. He took out the Lightning port from a 64GB variant of the iPhone X and replaced it with the more universal standard.

Though it’s not a more modern variant, the remodeled iPhone X is currently selling for a whopping US$ 49,900 on eBay at the time of this writing. The auction till has over a week to go before it closes. If the current price is any indication, it’s highly likely that the price goes up even further soon.

Now, if you’re hoping to get your own USB-C iPhone, there’s still a chance. Pillonel posted a guide on how to make your own version of his device. Naturally, it’ll take some engineering know-how, but it might end up a lot better than paying an exorbitant amount or waiting for an official Apple variant.

Currently, Apple is in some hot water in the EU for not implementing a USB-C standard in favor of the reportedly anti-competitive Lightning port.

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