Apple working on an in-house modem

In-house components are on the rise. Instead of relying on other component makers, a few brands have started creating their own parts for their devices. For example, Google recently launched the Pixel 6 series with its own Tensor chipset, the company’s first in-house processor. Apple is reportedly joining the bandwagon, potentially launching an in-house modem for future iPhones.

According to Nikkei, Apple is partnering with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (or TSMC) for the latter’s 4-nanometer chip technology. With the partnership, Apple is on its way to building its own 5G modems for iPhones. Apple will also work on a battery management system built for the upcoming modem.

Prior to the announcement, Apple sourced its modems from Qualcomm. Ever since 5G became a ubiquitous feature, Qualcomm helped provide modems for most smartphones. Now, almost the entire market has 5G connectivity. The company has even stopped attaching the “5G” name to its chipsets with the assumption that every forthcoming product already has the feature attached.

Though Qualcomm is still a leader in the industry, numerous brands have already started ditching Qualcomm for their own components. As such, a huge chunk of the industry reduced their reliance on the semiconductor giant. For its part, Apple has already moved away from a lot of components, especially after its current chipsets.

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