Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE review: Light and easy

Make no mistake, despite the title of the article. This is indeed pretty much a review of the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. But I wanted to make it easy for myself and everyone else by putting this in listicle form. Let’s go!

The new Control Center

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Okay, so I don’t exactly know how new this is. I don’t recall the Mi 11 (which was the last Xiaomi phone I reviewed) having this same type of Control Center, but it is just heaven sent for anyone who uses Google Home (or Samsung SmartThings).

I personally found this very useful since I have multiple lights and devices connected to Google Home. And as someone who’s generally lazy, being able to turn the devices on/off after swiping down to get to the control center is a layer of convenience I didn’t know I needed until the option was available to me.

Quick note though, the swiping down might need some getting used to. You’re required to swipe from the right side of the screen to get to the Control Center and on the left side of the screen for your Notifications. But that’s only when you’re on the home screen.

If you have the app open it has to be the upper right-hand corner and the upper left-hand corner of the screen for the Control Center and Notifications respectively. Getting to that upper left-hand corner can be a bit of a doozy though. If there’s something I didn’t particularly enjoy about this setup it would be that.

Incredibly light

First thing I noticed when I first held the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE was how it’s so thin and light. Coming from my usual daily drivers that are quite hefty (iPhone 11 Pro and OPPO Find X3 Pro), the weight and overall feel of this phone needed some adjustment from my end.

The weight and general size is great for many things. For one, it’s great for one-handed use despite its relatively big 6.55-inch AMOLED display. It never felt too big nor too heavy to hold even during extended watch or play periods.

Binge-ready display and audio 

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

While we’re on the topic of the display, I thought it had an overall pretty good display. On paper, it lists all of these as features: 1B colors, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, 90Hz, 500 nits (typ), 800 nits (HBM).

There’s nothing here that suggests it is a bad display and my usage suggests the same thing. I thoroughly enjoyed jumping from one TikTok to another on this phone. I also spent a significant amount of time replaying TWICE Chaeyoung’s latest Melody Project — “Off My Face” by Justin Bieber. 

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

What I was super pleasantly surprised by is its audio. Other than being the right level of loud but still staying clear, I encountered certain clips/videos that played with how audio comes off, and the phone was able to deliver the effect the videos were going for. It’s hard to explain in text, but it’s almost like it had some sort of spatial awareness. It’s not bass-y at all, but what phone is?

Overall, it’s fantastic for media consumption and is about as good as it gets for the price (PhP 16,990 for this 6GB+128GB variant unit we have) it commands.

Photos ready for your social media feed

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is equipped with the following cameras: 64MP f/1.8, 8MP f/2.2 ultrawide, 5MP f/2.4 telephoto macro, and 20MP f/2.2 selfies.

I have generally zero complaints about the images.They’re about exactly what you expect from a midranger — which is already touching near-flagship territory especially in well lit conditions. I didn’t have any opportunity to shoot at night during the review period. Closest I got is some of the food photos taken as dusk was about to hit. On that note, photo dump!

Steady midrange performer

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Powering the device is a Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon 778G 5G chip with Adreno 642L GPU along with the 6GB+128GB RAM and storage combo mentioned earlier. These make for what I would say is the baseline headache-less performance from smartphones.

Not once did I experience any hiccup jumping from app to app or even playing the Dragon Quest Dai mobile game. It’s the only game I spent a significant time playing with on this phone. I did have quick sessions of Call of Duty: Mobile and Marvel Future Revolution which you can say are more graphic intensive than DQ Dai. The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE handled these games fairly well. No lags. No stutters.

It has a 4250mAh battery which I found to drain faster than the flagships I own and use daily. That said, those are flagships. And I didn’t really optimize my use. I didn’t go dark mode to take full advantage of the AMOLED display, and I also didn’t turn on the do not disturb mode to relax the battery at night.

It’s not terrible though. If you’re a heavy user, you might find yourself grabbing the 33W fast charger sooner rather than later, but it’s still enough to get you through the day.

Cause for concern?

One thing that puzzled me though is how I never hit 5G connectivity ever on the phone. I used the same SIM card I typically use for testing 5G and the highest connection I got was 4G+. And these are in areas I know for sure can get 5G as tested in previous reviews.

I tried digging through the mobile connection settings to see if there’s anything that needed to be activated but there was none. It may just be an isolated issue with this particular review unit but still rather disappointing for a phone that has 5G on its name.

Is the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE your GadgetMatch?

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

I have zero complaints about this phone. It’s a nice and steady midranger that you can rely on for daily use for the next two or three years. The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is the type that you can just pick up and get used to right away.

It’s like a friend that you just immediately click with. Something about the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE just feels light and easy. No frills. No fuss. Just a phone that delivers on what it’s supposed to which is reliable performance and pretty good photos.

Xiaomi Lite 5G NE pricing are as follows:

  • 6GB+128GB — PhP 16,990
  • 8GB+128GB — PhP 18,990
  • 8GB+256GB — PhP 20,990


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